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7 Shows And Movies On Netflix That Will Make You Proud To Be A Woman

Time to update your favorites list!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Michael Parmelee/Netflix, (RIGHT) Robert Falconer/Netflix

Binge-watching on Netflix may seem like a lazy hobby, but it's actually a meaningful way to spend your time (and we mean hours...okay, maybe days) when you're watching shows that *matter*. With so many new shows and movies the streaming giant regularly adds to its collection, it isn't hard to find a fave, especially for us women who need a little small screen inspiration every now and then.

Here, we listed a mix of Netflix shows and movies that bring the spotlight to us women.

1. Glow (2017)

Starring: Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, and Marc Maron

Inspired by the '80s show Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling is Glow, a story about syndicated women's wrestling on TV. Alison Brie stars as Ruth, an actress who's been desperate of landing a big gig after many failed attempts. She finally ends up bagging a spot on the newest show of grumpy director Sam (Marc Maron) where she tries to adjust to her new role and navigate her complicated relationship with former best friend Debbie (Betty Gilpin). Besides from the badass female characters (all the actresses had to do their own stunts for the show!), Glow is a wonderful and humorous narrative about women breaking from the mold and the restrictions placed upon them during the decade. Also, whoever thought that leotards and teased hair can look this GOOD?

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2. Riverdale (2017)

Starring: Lili ReinhartCamila MendesCole Sprouse, and KJ Apa

Some had their doubts when it was first announced that this reboot will be given a darker spin to the beloved Archie comic books, but Riverdale definitely didn't disappoint with its twists and unexpected feminism. Instead of showcasing the infamous love triangle between Betty, Archie, and Veronica, Riverdale changed it up by developing genuine friendship between the two ladies. Moreover, the show's females are also complexly-written and share the same amount of spotlight as the men when it comes to plots and motivations. But if there's one important message this show sends, it's that women are stronger together and that men are not worth to break a sisterhood over.

3. That Thing Called Tadhana (2014)

Starring: Angelica Panganiban and JM De Guzman

If you've ever watched the movie before, you'll remember that iconic scene where Mace (Angelica Panganiban) cries her heart out while watching One More Chance during her flight. The moment might seem to be the opposite representation of the stereotypical empowered woman, but it's her transformation into a woman who learns to let go of her emotional baggage makes her such a strong and inspiring character. Mace is a modern role model for all of us who had their hearts broken, proving that sometimes, we need to get lost before we find ourselves again.

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4. Four Sisters And A Wedding (2013)

Starring: Toni Gonzaga, Bea Alonzo, Angel Locsin, and Shaina Magdayao

It may have been years since this movie showed in cinemas but this family-themed production is still going viral now thanks to all the funny memes born straight out of its scenes. Humor aside though, this Star Cinema masterpiece perfectly captures real-life dramas between family members and the common struggles women face inside and outside of their relationships. Sisters Teddie (Toni Gonzaga), Gabbie (Shaina Magdayao), Bobbie (Bea Alonzo), and Alex (Angel Locsin) show that accepting failure is not a sign of weakness and that sometimes, even the most seemingly perfect of girls have their own share of insecurities.

5. Dumplin' (2018)

Starring: Jennifer Aniston and Danielle Macdonald

If Jennifer Aniston starring in this movie is not enough to convince you to watch it, the refreshing and empowering plot definitely will. Here, Jen plays Rosie, a former beauty queen who runs a local pageant. Danielle Macdonald takes on the role of her daughter Willowdean, a plus-sized beauty who decides to enter the competition just for the fun of it—at first. A mix of interesting women who somehow don't fit the usual beauty queen mold join her in her journey and *fabulousness* ensues. Dumplin' deals not only with the social responsibility of women to break the expectations placed on them, but it also talks about body positivity and acceptance in a bid to redefine beauty standards.

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6. Isn't It Romantic (2019)

Starring: Rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth, Adam Devine, and Priyanka Chopra

Giving a fresh, satirical take on the rom-com genre is this gem where Rebel Wilson plays Natalie, an architect who has low self-esteem and a cynic view towards love. Thanks to an accident, Natalie finds herself waking up to a different reality where she has to live out every cheesy rom-com trope she loathes. The movie will pull you in with its funny satires towards the shallow, sometimes tone-deaf themes we often see in films of this genre, and then hit you in the feels when Nat realizes that her happy ending is about finding love from the person she least expected it from. Clue: it's not from two of her leading men.

7. The Crown (2016)

Starring: Claire Foy and Matt Smith

If you're obsessed with royals as much as we are, then you can get easily lost in watching The Crown, an adaptation of Queen Elizabeth II's life and rise to power. Unlike other dramas inspired by real-life events, The Crown sheds light to one of the most powerful women in the world and shows its viewers her humanity—her being a mother, a wife, and a grieving daughter. The glitz and glamour often associated with royals take a back seat in this series, while it instead highlights the resilience of women, especially in the most challenging of moments. The key takeaway? You don't need to be perfect to be a queen.

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