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7 Platonic K-Drama Pairs That Are True #FriendshipGoals

These couples have great on-screen chemistry even without the ~*romance*~.
Platonic Korean Drama Pairings (2021 Update)

*2021 Update*

Korean dramas are not just about cutesy love stories. They also show a thing or two about friendships. Beyond the bromance and sisterhood that we can't help but adore, there are also male-female platonic friendships that are so entertaining to watch!

Below, some of the K-drama pairs that are true #FriendshipGoals: 

1. Duk Seon and Dong Ryong from Reply 1988 (2015 to 2016)

This quirky pair belonged to the solid five-piece barkada of Ssangmun-dong and were the only ones that didn't develop romantic feelings for each other. So typical with a co-ed group of friends, huh? They all grew up together in one neighborhood and spent their days hanging out, eating ramyeon, and goofing around.

Duk Seon (Lee Hyeri) and Dong Ryong (Lee Dong Hwi) had a lot of similarities, which is probably why they bonded so much. They both loved music and dancing. They didn't do well in academics. And they were the funny ones that kept their friends LOL-ing. Although there wasn't much of a spotlight on their friendship, there were key moments that show how tight they are.

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Dong Ryong listened to Duk Seon whenever she had problems. He seemed immature, but he was Duk Seon's voice of reason. Aside from that, he even went out of his way one time to teach her dance moves for a talent show. And when Duk Seon's friends got injured right before the contest, he did her a favor and performed (with two of their other friends) so she can win the grand prize. We all need kind and talented people like that in our lives!

2. Hae Soo and the Prince Baek Ah from Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)

In the series, IU plays Hae Soo, a woman who found herself traveling back in time and getting caught in the royally complicated drama. Her arrival was either loathed or loved by the people in the palace she found herself in. Mainly, it stirred up the dynamics of the princes there.

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Four princes of the series' version of Goryeo fell for Hae Soo's charms, but Nam Joo Hyuk's character, 13th Prince Baek Ah, wasn't one of them. At first, he was amused by her funny antics, but he eventually loathed her. How could he not when she had an emotional affair with the husband of the woman that Baek Ah likes?

Then came a plot twist that led to them sharing their grief and becoming drinking buddies. From then on, Baek Ah always had Hae Soo's back. And he was one of the people whom Hae Soo kept as a confidant until the (very sad) end.

3. Hong Seol and Eun Taek from Cheese in the Trap (2016)

Eun Taek is another one of the roles portrayed by Nam Joo Hyuk. In this K-drama, he's friends with the female lead named Hong Seol, which was played by Kim Go Eun. The two were in a trio of college friends.

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Eun Taek sometimes did things because he likes their other female friend. But throughout the series, you see how he's a genuine friend to Hong Seol, too. There was one time he even stole from and tackled (!!!) a teaching assistant just to save her ass. Someone who didn't care about you won't go through those lengths!

As the story progressed, there were other moments when they proved to be true buddies. Eun Taek helped protect Hong Seol from her stalker. Hong Seol, on the other hand, helped their other female friend accept Eun Taek's feelings.

4. Eun Tak and the Grim Reaper from Goblin (2016 to 2017)

This epic drama blessed us with several amazing characters. They demonstrated unconditional love, unbreakable family bonds, loyalty, and even solid friendships. The bromance between the goblin and the grim reaper (Lee Dong Wook) was undeniably entertaining. Beyond that, there was the reaper's friendship with Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun).

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They were never meant to have a positive relationship. He was always destined to be her sundo since she's a "missing soul." But throughout the decades, their paths crossed more because of the goblin. As they got to meet more often, the cold grim reaper warmed up to the cheerful girl. They grew close and became one of those platonic couples who bonded while chitchatting.

They talked about everything from their love life struggles to their life-and-death musings. Eun Tak even gave him advice on winning a woman's affection. The grim reaper imparted some of the wisdom he's acquired over hundreds of years. Beyond that, he even broke rules for her and let her have some happiness even if it meant getting in trouble.

5. Seo Jung and Master Bae from Possessed (2019)

Hong Seo Jung (Go Joon Hee) didn't have a lot of friends, unlike Kang Pil Sung (Song Sae Byeok). She was abandoned as a child by her mom and because she had a weird ability involving ghosts, she didn't keep a lot of living people in her circle, too. Through her adventures with Pil Sung, she meets fortune-teller Bae Doryung (Jo Wan Ki).

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They weren't warm toward each other right away, but their supernatural abilities forged their bond. In Seo Jung's time of need, Master Bae let her use his place of business. Even when he risked losing the woman he loved (who was jealous of her), he didn't budge because he believed that what Seo Jung was doing for the greater good.

SPOILER ALERT: Master Bae was an incredibly loyal friend that he was willing to die while protecting Seo Jung. He wasn't a major character in the supernatural thriller, but he was an unforgettable one through his sacrifices.

6. Jojo and Duk Gu in Love Alarm (2019)

The sci-fi rom-com's highlight was the love triangle involving the lead characters. An app that reveals your feelings would obviously create mayhem when bros fall for the same girl. But beyond the main plot, the Netflix Original series also touched on other themes like societal issues, family drama, and friendships.

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The male-female platonic friends in the K-drama were Duk Gu (Lee Jae Eung) and Jojo (Kim So Hyun). They didn't have a rich backstory as buddies, and they weren't that close, too. But they were both social outcasts, and they found themselves consoling each other.

SPOILER ALERT: Duk Gu turns out to be the developer of the revolutionary app in the drama. He thought it would somehow help him confess his feelings and be accepted by Jojo's cousin (his crush). When the girl rejects him (in the meanest way possible), Jojo was there to lend an ear and comfort him. He was grateful for the company, so he gifted Jojo with not only a brand new phone but also a "Love Alarm shield," so she could protect her heart.

7. Rosa and Jong Su in Hospital Playlist Season 1 (2020)

Who could forget the moment our favorite doctors' band finally performed in front of an audience? Sure, one of them was trying not to show how much he enjoyed the song, BUT STILL. No one can deny that Rosa (Kim Hae Sook) and Jong Su (Kim Kap Soo) have one of the purest relationships in the show. They tend to ~scold~ each other at times, but their friendship—which spans maaany decades—is something we want to achieve in our old age, too!

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Who are the other K-drama platonic pairs you've admired over the years?


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