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8 Local IG Accounts That Make Veggies Look DELICIOUS

We're adding that one account dedicated to pizza 'cause balance.
PHOTO: Instagram/thehealthypinay

Hey, foodies!

As much as we believe that "pizza is life," we need to actually be alive to enjoy the damn slice. That said, it’s in our best interest to eat something green and healthy every once in a while. After all, cheese is a great stress reliever, but it’s also an effective artery blocker. 

Motivate yourself through this new health kick by following these Instagram accounts—they make vegetables look good.

1. @vegtrish

GUYS! VEGAN. SISIG. Mind blown, I know. 

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2. @manabites

Matcha made in heaven! 

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3. @sab.vegan

Vegan pizza can still be life. ;) 

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4. @fruitmagicph

These babies taste too good to be ~*healthy!*~

5. @icantbelieveitsveganph

You can't just have one...

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6. @thehealthypinay

Can't wait to eat like a Kardashian with one of these. 

7. @astigvegan

Putobumbong made healthy. 

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8. @susiph

Worth every centavo. 

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