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The 411 On Fiber: What Your Diet Definitely Needs

Too busy to work out? Don't crash diet! Keep your body healthy with a balanced diet, rich with an important factor: fiber.

No time to work out? You're not alone. Unfortunately for most working girls (and guys), time is a precious commodity and there really isn't enough of it to dedicate to a thrice-a-week exercise regimen. That's pretty bad news, not just for your figure, but for your health, too.

But if you're one of those busy bees who just can't find the time to hit the treadmill, don't despair. It doesn't mean that you can't take care of your body, and it's not the only way you can kickstart an improved, healthier lifestyle. Have you ever heard the phrase "You are what you eat"? It's cliche, but it's true. Eating better will do your body a world of good.

What you eat nourishes your whole body, whether it gives you energy or strengthens and builds your cells. Your diet plays a very big role in how healthy you are. It shouldn't be about losing weight (though that can be a very welcome bonus); it should be about eating right and eating smart.

Many of the slimming diets body-conscious people go on will tell you that, to lose weight, you need to cut your carbs. Some of these diets will bar carbohydrates completely. Sure, you might lose that lingering five pounds, but you're also going to suffer a serious lack of energy, among other dangerous side-effects, and that's not healthy. You're not taking care of yourself.

Plus, if you skip out on carbs, you also skip out on an essential factor of some carbohydrates that your body needs to properly and effectively digest the food you eat: dietary fiber. You probably already know that you get fiber from fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains and legumes, but what is fiber?

It's the part of the foods listed above that your body can't break down and digest, which means that instead of being absorbed, it is expelled from the body. This is important because it prevents constipation, meaning that your body removes toxins from your system more frequently.

That's not the only benefit of a diet rich in fiber. The Mayo Clinic and the Harvard School of Public Health say that having a lot of fiber in your diet will also help lower your blood cholesterol levels and help control your blood sugar levels (which is great for diabetics). Women should be consuming at least 25 grams of fiber every day.

If you're not a super big fan of fruit and veg or other fiber-rich foods, though, how do you meet this daily requirement? With a little bit of help, of course. You can't cut your leafy greens out completely—dream on—but if you're already consciously trying to eat better anyway, step up your healthy, fiber-rich diet another notch by taking a dietary supplement, too, like Dulcofiber.

Dulcofiber is a natural fiber supplement that contains Glucomannan, a "smart fiber*" that helps restore the natural balance and rhythm in your digestive system. Glucomannan is a soluble fiber that helps your digestive system maintain regularity without also expelling the nutrients you need. As a supplement, it's meant to provide additional support to your existing healthy lifestyle, and it promotes a healthy balance between absorption and elimination, which means that it helps your body take in the nutrients that are good for you and it helps you expel what your body doesn't need.

A healthy body is a beautiful body. Start eating healthy today.

* Creative description only

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