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Ok But Doesn't Peanut Butter Ice Cream With Apple Pie Fillings Sound So Good?

Yup, you can even have it spiked with a bit of alcohol. ;)
The Dairy Grind: Craft Your Own Ice Cream

From experience, there's not a problem in the world that a good serving of ice cream can't fix. I don't know about you guys, but aside from it being the best ~pampalamig~ treat ever, getting to eat ice cream just literally makes everything somewhat better. And I love it even more when I get to try a *unique* flavor. (ICYDK, there are some inspired by buffalo wings, Indomie, and Yakult!) If like me, you've always wanted to experiment and make your own ice cream flavor, The Dairy Grind can make that happen. They're an online store that sells ready-made ice cream flavors but also gives you the freedom to make your own! The best part? They can deliver it to you so you won't even need to leave your house. ;) 

Here's how you can create your own ice cream flavor from The Dairy Grind:

  1. Visit The Dairy Grind's website
    The Dairy Grind: Craft Your Own Ice Cream step 1
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  2. Choose your base flavor (price starts at P780). They have up to 21 different options! 
    The Dairy Grind ice cream - base flavors
  3. Choose your mix-ins (aka the other ingredients you want to add to your ice cream). Prices start at P70 depending on the kind of mix-in you select. They offer chocolate chip cookie dough, brownie bites, M&Ms, and many more. You can even have it spiked with alcohol like Bailey's Irish Cream, Kahlua, or Tequila Rose! For best results, The Dairy Grind recommends that you choose a max of three mix-ins only. Heads up: This step is optional! It's totally fine if you prefer just plain ice cream. There's an option to tick the "No mix-ins" box when placing your order. 
    The Dairy Grind: Craft Your Own Ice Cream step 2
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  4. Pick your preferred size: half gallon (P780), split into four pints (P780), gallon (P1,310), or split into eight pints (P1,310). A half gallon is good for 15 servings while a gallon can accommodate 30 servings. This is definitely good for sharing but hey, we won't judge you if you end up getting one just for yourself, haha!
    The Dairy Grind: Craft Your Own Ice Cream step 3
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  5. Settle your payment and wait for the ice cream to be delivered to you after one to three days. Pick-up is available, too.
    The Dairy Grind: Craft Your Own Ice Cream step 4

The Dairy Grind ice cream pints are available for same-day delivery while their half-gallons, gallons, and custom orders will be delivered after one to three days.

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For more information, visit The Dairy Grind's website, Facebook, and Instagram.


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