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Dreams *Do* Come True: This YouTuber ~Allows~ You To Study Or Work With BTS

Time to ~daydream~!
Study with BTS

*September 11, 2021 Update* 

On days when I lack inspiration, my go-to mood booster would always be YouTube. In particular, I'm fond of watching videos of South Koreans vlogging about their daily lives, showing what their room looks like, and talking about all the Korean street food they're into. Sometimes, I just like watching clips of vloggers walking on the streets of Seoul—in short, I'm into anything that will transport me to South Korea.

Recently, I found a new obsession: gongbang (study with me) videos. I particularly love those that feature massive stationery collections and stunning window views. These videos would often *motivate* me to get up and plan my entire life, lull me to sleep because they're just so, so calming, or urge me to buy more writing stuff. One of the study with me videos that I really love are those by YouTuber N2BING. As an ARMY, they're the current cause of my ~euphoria~!


Some fast facts about her: According to N2BING's Q&A vlog, she's a 22-year-old student IRL who is studying German Language and Literature at one of South Korea's most prestigious schools, Korea University!

If your daily hobby includes imagining what would happen if you get to interact with BTS someday, her gongbang videos will help you ~achieve that dream~. The videos are kinda similar to a Zoom meeting and are set in your POV. In N2BING's Pomodoro 50 x 4 Set vlog, you get to study with the Bangtan boys in front of your screen and their descriptions even say that they major in different courses (like Namjoon is under the Economics department and Jungkook is studying Physical Education—how accurate is that?!). It's divided into four parts and has different sounds for its background music (raindrops, anyone?), and even includes breaks (because we all need that)!

Is V your bias? Are you head over heels for Yoongi? N2BING has gongbang videos with specific BTS members on it, too!

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She also has another study with BTS video and it shows her...studying with BTS! Idk about you but I totally love the chill vibes this video gives. I can even smell her humidifier from here, LOL.

If you're more of a night owl like me, you will have a ~sweet night~ with this clip:

It looks like our boys know about these clips because the members surprised ARMY with their own Study With BTS video! They look *very* focused and inspired that it makes me want to study, too. LOL! You can watch it right here:

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