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Nana Silayro Says It Was Her Lola Who Inspired Her To Make Videos About Self-Love & Confidence

Get to know the rising TikTok star with over two million followers.
Nana Silayro

If you're on TikTok, chances are you've come across Nana Silayro's videos on your fyp. As a comedian and advocate of self-love, the 20-something Pinay from Iloilo City is a rising star you absolutely *need* to follow for all things good vibes. TBH, we just can't get enough of her funny and heartwarming content! She posted her first video in November 2020 and has gained a huge following since then. As of writing, Nana has over two million followers on TikTok, 26.6k followers on Instagram, and over 7.63k subscribers on YouTube

In an exclusive e-mail interview with Cosmopolitan Philippines, she shared what her journey as a content creator has been like so far. Keep reading to know more about her experience.

How and when did you start creating content?

Nana: "My lola was a legend. She was strict and loud, and very smart. She was always so confident and beautiful even just at home! Unconsciously, she has inspired me to be the woman that I am today: confident and gorgeous! I decided to start creating content because I wanted to impart that type of strength and energy to others. I've always loved the camera. Filming, role playing, acting, singing, you name it! I feel like I was born to perform and entertain. I started making videos at a very young age. I actually made a vlog about it on my YouTube channel and it was pretty nostalgic watching my videos from 2010. I started making YouTube videos again just last December 2020 and took my Tiktoks seriously just this March 2021. Since then, I've garnered more than two million followers. Crazy!"


How would you describe yourself as a content creator?

N: "I'm definitely a comedian but I want to be a smart comedian! I don't want to take myself too seriously because life is serious enough as it is. My goal is always to have people take away something substantial from the skits I do."

Basically I just want people to have a good time. When they're having a rough day, I want my videos to be the reason why they have a smile plastered on their face.

"I am a strong advocate of self-love, acceptance, forgiveness, lots of funny dancing, and of course, confidence! These are some of the traits I want my audience to embrace and this has been the main focus of the content I have been creating. Basically, I just want people to have a good time. When they're having a rough day, I want my videos to be the reason why they have a smile plastered on their face. In a way, I want to help people feel better, periodt."


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What are the perks and challenges of content creation?

N: "We focus on the good. There are so many perks to content creating. Aside from the more obvious ones like getting free goodies from both brands and my supporters, it's really more about the love and the outpouring of support. I am always floored by people's ability to love even when they haven't actually met me in person yet. The experience and recognition I have been privileged enough to get has become a driving factor for me to constantly work at bettering myself. But the highlight of doing what I do are the messages I receive from people all over the world, telling me that I made them smile or laugh even on the hardest of days—that's the best one for me!

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I'm thankful I don't have a lot of bashers. If ever they come naman, which is beyond my control, my "baNANAs" (fans) are always there to the rescue. Siguro my problem lang is managing my time. Aside from being a content creator, I'm also a full-time teacher, plus, I do vlogs to promote Iloilo, too. My dilemma is always having so many things to do but so little time to do it all."


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Who are the content creators you look up to?

N: "Definitely Bretman Rock and Mimiyuuuh! The constant glow up [and] the hard work they put into each and every content they release [are] absolutely incredible! They started making videos because it was something that they loved to do. They didn't care about the money or fame, they just wanted to make people laugh. Not gonna lie, when Bretman Rock noticed me, my soul left my body. It was a surreal experience.
(YAAASSS, MIMIYUUUH. I'm waiting, haha!) I am so happy that they are both getting the recognition they deserve. They are amazing!"


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How does it feel to have a growing audience of up to two million followers on TikTok within the past year?

N: "UNREAL. It's one of the best things that's ever happened to me. It's definitely a lot of pressure and I have to be really careful with the content I put out there because my audience ranges from one to 70 years old. But I'm forever thankful. The amount of love I get everyday from my followers is heartwarming. Being on social media can be scary. People think they know so much about you and they base it off the content you share. Everyone's opinionated and everyone's always mad about something so for the past year or two, I've made it a point to build a protective bubble around my mental health. I love my followers so much but I also believe that it is so incredibly important to love ourselves with everything we've got."


Any advice for Pinays who want to get into the field of content creation?

N: "They've heard me say this a million times before,  but I am saying it again:
To my fellow content creators, GO LANG. Bahala sila sa buhay nila, basta masaya tayo. Never do content just to be famous. God has everything planned for you and you'll definitely get the recognition you deserve when He thinks it's time! YOU. WILL. GET. THERE. Kapit lang! You just have to be patient and constantly manifest good things. You get the energy you give. Do good things with good intentions and you'll be alright. The rest will follow. Laging tandaan sis, hindi ka maganda. YOU ARE GORGEOUS!"


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