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6 Reasons He's Not In The Mood

Think he's turned cold? It may not be your fault at all. Learn why.

Physical affection is one of the most intimate ways of connecting and bonding with your partner. Though it does not always equate to or guarantee a true emotional connection, it sure can raise hair on our spine with just a a single touch.

So how is that sometimes, he's simply not in the mood?

One of the reasons anyone withdraws or detaches themselves from a relationship, in the name of self-preservation, is they feel rejected. Nobody wants to feel unwanted, especially when we put ourselves out there, just to please our partner physically. So why don't we dissect this ego-crushing scenario to better understand our partner when this happens?

1. He's Just Not That Into You

When we're dating someone, though we feel an intense attraction, it does not necessarily mean he feels exactly the same way. So if he's not responding to your seduction, he may not be physically attracted to you or maybe he's just not into you as you are to him. But don't feel disheartened and unworthy, just because you did not get a favorable reaction from a guy! Just like a shoe, we all have to find the right pair--one that fits comfortably--and this takes time and several tries; you have to be patient. Anything worth something is always worth the wait! If he's not into you, move on and don't take it personally.

2. It's All About R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Contrary to popular belief, there are still men out there who hold women in such high regard. These men wish to abstain and control their inner urges, out of respect for the women they desire. So, take it as a compliment if the man you're seeing is taking it slow. History has proven that relationships that go on high speed mode often crash and burn. Try to take a breather and see where this kind of pacing takes you both. Besides, you want someone with high endurance who'll relish every moment, and not just be some one-minute man--whether it's in or out of the sack.

3. The Double-Dipping Effect

If our man is cheating, there's a disconnect we either sense or blatantly feel. Since some men enjoy the superficial ego boost of sleeping with several partners, their elated state would make it harder for us to catch their cheating ways. However, what could possibly give it away is when they have developed feelings for someone else. This makes them act detached from you since their emotional attachment has grown elsewhere. And that has nothing to do with you.

4. She Wears The Pants

There isn't one man on the face of the Earth who wants to feel emasculated! In every relationship, there will always be a power struggle, which is absolutely normal. This is where couples are challenged to show respect, test compatibility, learn how to compromise, and prove their love for each other despite differences. However, in this day and age where women are an intregal force in the success of the global movement, men have unwillingly taken a backseat. Men were raised to be providers, while women, the nurturers at home. Evidently, that no longer applies to many, if not, most couples today.

As a result, some men feel unneeded as women have pretty much taken away their primal role in this world. This leads to rampant cheating. Some men need to feed their ego via superficial avenues like prostitutes, porn, Internet sex, and more. They just need to hear and feel that "they are the best" or simply that "they are the man!" And how does this affect your connection in the bedroom? See item #3.

So, even if you are more successful than your partner, you don't need to brag about it. If your man takes care of you in ways that only he can, that is props enough. Men need to feel validated that they are the men in the relationship. They will deliver more of themseves in the relationship if women allow them to take the lead. If you cannot muster a "weaker man," be it in terms of money, career, personality, etc., then do BOTH of you a favor and move on.

5. Failure To Launch

Whenever men feel like failures in the workplace, in the family, or other areas where they feel the need to succeed, this leads to inability to perform in between the sheets. Their partners can only do so much to boost their confidence, but emotional support is crucial since men truly feel vulnerable in this situation. This psychological effect on men oftentimes leads women to feel unwanted. So, before you judge, find out what's up, and realize it may not always be about you.

6. Chemical Reaction

Any couple can thrive on great chemistry but men's sexual drive and libido can also suffer because of certain chemicals in their body. When men take lots of fat burners in particular, this lowers their testosterone, resulting to not wanting sex. All their physical strength has been poured into working out, that not much is left to do any arduous activities in bed.

Now you know what could lead to sexual rejection. How about you? Have you ever found youself just not wanting it either?

Check out this section next week for my post on why women can be not in the mood!

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