75 Ways To Surprise Your Man In Bed

Men divulge the most mind-blowing moves you could ever do to them in the sack.

Think you're running out of tricks for your man? Worry not, because we've got you covered. Cosmo asked men to share a few mattress moves that really threw them off the edge.

1. "My ex would save old trash-bound lingerie—fishnets, panties—and let me rip them off of her during foreplay."
—Paul, 20, techical customer care rep

2. "Take off everything below your waist, lean out the window, and smile innocently while I'm thrusting from behind."
—Dante, 28, real estate agent

3. "I go nuts when my girlfriend piles on red lipstick before oral. The smudges left behind are like a record of her every mouth move."
—Kelley, 30, entrepreneur

4. "When a girl licks her own breasts, it has that same girl-on-girl charge as a threesome."
—Bong, 24, marketing officer

5. "I had crazy-good sex in the beach. I held onto a float that was behind her, she wrapped her legs around me, and the cresting waves added to the ecstasy."
—Earl, 26, bank employee

6. "Tie me up with your clothes as you strip—your bra binds my wrists; your gartered undies, an ankle; and so on."
—Steven, 29, data encoder

7. "I love getting oral when I'm kneeling and she's lying with her head propped up on a pillow."
—G.P., 30, supervisor

8. "The best place to take a girl is on a tiled floor, like in a bathroom. It's hard, but the tiles grip your flesh in unexpectedly erotic ways."
—Chas, 21, web developer

9. "At the completion of oral, my girl smiles at me and makes an ‘mmm' noise. I get turned on just thinking about it."
—Dom, 23, telecom employee

10. "A miniskirt is the simplest way to turn me on. Seeing you show off your legs makes my mind wander to other parts."
—Mark, 24 , accounting clerk

11. "If I'm lying on my stomach after sex, lightly trace the curve where my butt meets my thigh. It's so sensitive there, it really heightens my after-orgasm."
—Pat, 32, doctor

12. "One girl sat me down in a chair and gave me two full glasses of water to hold. I didn't understand why until she started going down on me and I realized how helpless I was to use my hands—so hot."
—Russ, 21, management trainee

13. "Feel like getting it on? Walk up to me and stuff a pair of panties in my hand. If they're wet, even better. Either way, I know you're not wearing them."
—Mikee, 24, account executive

14. "I love taking my girl from behind up against her mirrored closet. Her breasts plump up against the glass, and the surface gets foggy from our breath. It's like watching ourselves in a steamy movie."  
—Jim, 25, sales agent

15. "If you need more lubrication before I enter, wet me with your saliva. I can't imagine anything better."
—Eric, 26, software developer

16. "One girl and I would go for long drives—we'd pull over on a deserted road, and she'd do me on my lap. The strange locations added a delicious thrill."
—Angelo, 31, marketing officer

17. "One woman I was dating took a satin ribbon from a gift and wrapped it around my erect penis. Then she alternated tightening it and loosening it while nibbling at the swollen head."
—Oscar, 20, call center agent

18. "Lightly hold my boys with one hand, and firmly grip my butt cheek with the other to control the pace however you'd like!"
—Brando, 22, medical technologist

19. "I love when she sits with her legs crossed Indian-style, then lies back and lets me thrust from on top. I have to dip into the triangle created by her legs, and the pressure around my pelvis is amazing."
—Gino, 19, student

20. "Rub my penis all around your hot spots—it makes me feel like a sex toy, which I love."
—Samuel, 30, sales specialist

21. "It's so sensual to watch a kneeling girl give you oral without using her hands. It's like she's so atat to have me."
—Vince, 26, medical intern

22. "While I'm sitting, lower yourself on top of me, facing away, then spread your legs and bend over so your head touches your knees. This creates a tight spot inside you that feels amazing."
—Erwin, 23, law student

23. "Right as I climax during oral, dig your fingernails into my butt, then rake them down my thighs. It'll intensify the explosion."
—Jose, 25, musician

24. "While we're hanging around the house, let part of your bra or panties ‘accidentally' peek out. I'll take care of the rest."
—Paolo, 26, systems analyst
25. "Use your mouth on one side of my penis while using your wet fingers to massage the opposite side. It's like there are two women working on me at once!"
 —Elias, 22, marketing associate

26. "Drag just the tips of your teeth along my skin...everywhere. It's exhilarating."
—Rey, 23, HR assistant

27. "Strip down naked except for a long string of beads. I adore how they roll across your nipples and glide as they get squashed between us."
—Brian, 21, student

28. "Call me at work to say you just slipped into bed, smelled me on the sheets, and had to please yourself right then and there."
—Mark, 26, admin specialist

29. "No guy ever turns down a good old-fashioned hand job—but if she can make me come by just massaging me through my pants? That's a feat I'm not likely to forget."
—Jay, 28, senior consultant
30. "It's a special post-sex treat when the girl gets a warm towel and wipes all of my parts clean. That inspires dog-like devotion."
—Bob, 29, manager

31. "There's nothing like feeling both my fingers and your fingers inside you at the same time. It's kind of like holding hands—only about a trillion times sexier."
—Nathan, 21, entrepreneur

32. "Lay me back and sink yourself onto me—but do it excruciatingly slowly, stopping every inch or so to look at me wickedly."
—Alan, 23, credit card collector

33. "Gently pull my hair when I'm giving you oral. Knowing you're into it turns me on even more.
—Danny, 28, banker

34. "When I'm really, really hard, the slightest contact feels incredible. Brush against me with your fingernails, eyelashes, or earrings, or just blow on it gently."
—Luke, 27, producer

35. "The first time I met my girlfriend's parents, I had to visit the bathroom. To my surprise, my girlfriend slipped in behind me for a stress-relieving quickie—she even skipped panties under her dress!"
—Louis, 20, government employee

36.  "Keep your bra on in doggie-style so I can hold on to the back of it to control some thrusting."
—Kiko, 22, travel agent

37. "In the heat of the moment, I still get off on frantic, sloppy, high-school-style, tongue-crazy French kisses."
—Don, 31, teacher

38. "Pull me in by the waist of my jeans, like you're too shy to ask for what you want. Don't worry, you'll get it anyway."
—Adam, 21, copywriter

39. "One girl had me give her oral while she was on her hands and knees. The awkward position—I had to get on all fours—made me focus and take in every second."
—Luigi, 26, store manager

40. "Get on top, lean back on your elbows, and lay your legs over my shoulders. I get to see every inch of you as you gyrate."
—Randy, 21, trainee

41. "Sometimes I rub my penis up and down between my girl's buttocks. She tightens them to make the sensation even better."
—Chad, 20, student

42. "All guys have a weak spot for dirty talk. Tell me how deep or hard I'm giving it to you and you'll get a memorable performance."
—Jepoy, 22, nurse

43. "Pounce right away when your guy comes home from work. I can't think of a sexier welcome than that."
—John, 26, writer

44. "Squeeze a pillow between your knees while we're doing it doggie-style. It makes a tighter fit for me, and you'll feel like you're floating."
—Warren, 24, IT specialist

45. "When we're face-to-face, keep one leg straight while stretching the other one over my shoulder. You have to be limber, but it squeezes my member beautifully."
—Jeffrey, 20, graduate student

46. "Surprises like stilettos in the bedroom or short shorts when it's cold always get my full attention."
—Mateo, 30, accountant

47. "If we're kissing, lightly bite my chin up to my jawline. I love that teasing feeling."
—Tino, 18, student

48. "A scalp massage after we do it is heavenly because by then, all the blood has rushed to my head."
—Ricky, 22, teacher

49. "Any way you can excite your own body pre-action is golden. Just letting me watch gets me riled up."
—Al, 20, intern

50. "My girlfriend seduces me in whispers. It's exciting, like when we first met and had to stay quiet to avoid waking our roommates."
—Chris, 28, engineer

51. "Sometimes I'll come home to find my girl doing something in the buff—cooking, reading. She'll say ‘Hi' like it's normal and wait for me to get worked up and drag her to the bedroom."
—Ryan, 24, nurse

52. "When we're doing it in the spoon position with me behind you, bend your knees, bring them up to your chest, then straighten them over and over. It adds a whole new kind of delicious friction."
—Lem, 28, graphic artist

53. "To extend my pleasure, keep a cool glass of water by the bed and drizzle it down your breasts so it splashes on my chest."
—Adrian, 19, student

54. "Casually stroke your inner arm, then neck, then between your breasts while just looking at me. It's like you're fantasizing that I'm the one touching you."
—Leo, 32, account executive

55. "My ex used to ask me to nibble her breasts hard enough that it would hurt just a little. Her sounds of ecstasy drove me wild."
—Willy, 29, banker
56. "Run the tip of your tongue around my lips before letting the make-out session begin. I'll get so excited."
—Ian, 27, operations manager

57. "One night, I booted up to find that my desktop picture was a naked photo of my girlfriend—who was waiting in the next room."
—Mike, 27, chef

58. "Put my testicles in your mouth and roll them around. They're sensitive, but as long as you don't bite down, it's a good kind of sensitive."
—J.R., 24, law student

59. "During sex, slip one leg between mine and wrap the other around my back. It changes everything."
—Pao, 25, musician
60. "When a girl kneads her lower belly while I'm on top, it's intense for me and shows that she can feel me way up there inside her."
—Lawrence, 30, broker

61. "Once, as I got into bed, I reached into the drawer for my book and discovered that it had been replaced with a bottle of lube and some condoms."
—Ralph, 23, model

62. "I love having sex when we're lying on our sides because the position makes her breasts bounce in a totally new way."
—Sid, 29, art director

63. "As I give you a peck, grab the back of my head and keep me there. My lust will spike."
—Con, 25, administrative assistant
64. "Squeeze your breasts together while I rub my package between them, then tickle my tip with your tongue. I'll never forget you."
—Jong, 27, HR associate

65. "The best hand job I ever got was in the back of a taxi. Neither of us was sure if the driver knew, and the fact that I had limited time to finish added urgency, too."
—Arthur, 20, copy writer

66. "I like when you moan one word—like "yes" or my name—over and over. I can gauge your arousal by how the sound changes."
—Ton, 27, restaurateur
67. "Stretch out naked on the bed with your arms pointing up. It elongates your bod...and creates an endless stretch of skin to ravish."
—Pael, 21, law student
68. "As we're getting dinner ready, push me up against the fridge and go down on me. I'll start finding more excuses to help out in the kitchen after that."
—Kenneth, 28, lawyer

69. "In missionary, bend your knees, brace your feet against the headboard, and lift your hips off the bed. It makes the simplest position suddenly feel totally acrobatic."
—Anton, 31, civil engineer

70. "As you're stroking me, use your thumb to flick over the head every time you move it up. It'll send me over the edge."
—Jerome, 29, brand manager

71. "My girlfriend will squeeze me super hard in bed. It turns me on to remember she has hidden reserves of bone-crushing passion."
—Andrew, 28, banker

72. "After we're done, you slipping back into your racy lingerie makes me feel like you're truly my fantasy girl. I'll be ready for more soon."
—J.P., 24, account executive

73. "Take out your digital camera during the act. You don't even have to take pictures—the idea that you're turned on by the image of us together is what really gets me off."
—Franco, 30, trainer

74. "Come to bed covered in baby oil. You'll be so slick, I won't know which way to do you first."
—Billy, 23, marketing officer

75. "When you're in reverse cowgirl, hold on to my feet with your thumbs on my arches. The hot visual plus surprisingly light touch is almost more than I can take."
—Joe, 30, marketing supervisor

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