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Are You In A One-Sided Relationship?

Applicable to friends (with or without benefits), and sort of significant others.

1. “Lol” or “Hahaha” is their favorite reply. 

Whether you make them kwento about something interesting that happened to you today, send them a funny video on Facebook, or share a link from your favorite website, if their default response is either “lol” or “hahaha” then they definitely don't care much about striking a conversation with you.

2. They only text you when they have problems.

They know that you’ll always be there, no matter what. But when they’re over it, they’re over talking to you too. 

3. You only see them when they have time.

You constantly make them kulit to hang out but they’re always busy. Then a few weeks later, they randomly text you to hang out last minute. The only time they’re willing to waste their time with you is if they have time to waste.

4. Whenever you hang out, you're the one who has to go to them.

Or else you just don’t hang out. You’re never worth the hassle. 


5. They never apologize.

You’re always the first to give in after a fight. It’s either 'cause they don’t care enough about losing you to apologize, or they don’t even know that something’s wrong in the first place.

6. You always make excuses for them being NR.

Do these sound familiar? 

“Oh. He/She’s just in a bad mood. He/She’s trying to play it cool but I’m actually cheering him/her up.”

“Oh. He’s just torpe!”

“He’s going through a rough time. I should be there for him.”

“He’s just busy. He won’t be so deadma later.”

“She’s naturally an introvert.”

7. They randomly stop replying. 

The only reasons they’d stop replying are: 

a) They’re busy and forgot to reply or just forgot to reply.
b) They’re tired of typing "lol" or 'hahaha."
c) They’re thinking “Ugh, how do I get this girl to stop texting me? Should I just stop replying?”
d) They got kidnapped or robbed. 

Chances are it’s not D.

8. Your conversations are mostly about you. They never like to talk about themselves.

When you ask them how they are, the only word you can get out of them is "good." Meanwhile, you've already told them your entire life story, LOL.

9. They never text you first. 

“Hey. Kamusta?” said him, never.

10. They never do small sweet surprises.

Small surprises like gifts, spontaneously picking you up from work to get some merienda, or even them sending you a nice video on Facebook are unheard of. This is because they never randomly think about you. It never pops up in their head “Oh, these are ‘Carla’s favorite chocolates! I’ll get her some!” or “Oh! This video will make Carla laugh.”

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Sounds like you? Giiiirl, it's time to rethink the relationship. You deserve better, promise!

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