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Cosmo Confessions: Have You Ever Lied About A Relationship?

Cosmo girls share real stories about relationships they've lied about.
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In the dating scene, people often tell little white lies in an effort to put their best foot forward. And when things start to develop, you begin to get a little more comfortable. You'd think the lying would stop once you're in a committed relationship, but for some people, it just gets even trickier. 

We asked several Pinays to share their stories about the time they lied about a relationship. Check out their #CosmoConfessions!

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"He's just a friend, ma."

"I lied to my family about my first boyfriend for over a year! Haha, I didn't want to deal with the meet-the-parents scenario yet because I wasn't sure I wanted the relationship to be that serious. Anyway, I eventually had to come clean 'cause my mom started asking my friends about him! He was always picking me up and dropping me off at home, but my excuse was always, 'He's just a friend, ma.'"

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No sparks?

"As cheesy and odd as this may sound, I'm pretty sure I've lied to myself about my relationship with my ex. There were a lot of times I kept telling myself, when he first asked me out, that 'This is good! A guy who is kinda cute is finally asking me out and is actually interested in me! So of course you like him back.' So yeah, I pretty much forced myself to 'grow to like' someone just because I felt like I was pretty much the only person who hadn't had a boyfriend yet. Which obviously, you should NEVER do, haha. The spark is important."

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She made the first move. ;)

"Currently lying to my parents about how I met my guy. I told them that I met him while I was on a nightout, but I actually met him on Bumble! I didn't want to have to explain online dating to them 'cause they'll judge me for sure."

It became uber obvious!

"TBH, I've lied a couple of times! Mostly because I wasn't sure if the relationships were *that* serious na, and if they would ever become serious (just Sagittarius things, lol)! I remember before, guy would pick me up, and I would tell my family na Uber lang 'yun (back when Uber still operated here). My lola eventually noticed na paulit ulit yung car na naghahatid-sundo!"

It was fun while it lasted.

"Coming from an all-girls high school, I *really* had to keep my relationship with my ex-girl friend under wraps because it wasn't (and still isn't) easy being a bisexual Catholic.

We both went to school early for 'project-making' just so we could spend time with
out teachers searching classrooms and of course, we were buddies during our field trip so we could sit beside each other on the bus. I sadly had to lie even to some of my close friends back then because I don't think they approved of our relationship. But it was fun while it lasted."

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Mutual cheating

"I was his team lead at a call center company. I really wasn't into him because I came from a breakup. But for some reason, and with some coaxing from his friends, he pursued me. I didn't want anybody in the team to know that we were together because, obviously, it wasn't not allowed. Long story short, we broke up eventually. I was cheating on him with my ex, and unknowingly, he also cheated on me with his ex."

Three's a crowd

"I lied about us because I was the third party in their relationship."

Too selfish

"Yes, for three years. With our age gap of 14 years, I was afraid of being judged, that people would think I was only after a promotion or worse, that I was a sugar baby. We worked in the same office, and he was my supervisor. He has two kids and is technically married (but his wife already has a family with another man). He never met my family and even my closest friends. Despite my being secretive about our relationship, he was always proud that I was his girlfriend; he introduced me to his siblings, relatives, and long-time friends. I regret it very much. I ended up alone. It's been two years now. I think this is what I get for being too selfish."

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*Answers have been edited for clarity. 

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