5 Genius Ways To Make The Most Out Of Quickie Sex

Have next-level sex when you've only got secs.
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Quickies can be so much fun, so why not make them sublime without dragging on time, and have next-level sex when you’ve only got secs? 

  1. Make the most of your clothing.

    Planning to fuck in a dash? Wear a maxi dress (without underwear, if you want to turn it up an extra notch), then hold the skirt fabric out of the way while you're fucking by pulling it up to your face and biting on it with your teeth. It will act as an impromptu gagand a hella hot, achingly crude, your-partner-will-replay-it-in-their-mind-later visual.

    Taking off your knickers and stuffing them in your lover's/your mouth is uhhhhhhhhhhh-mazing, too. As is the feel of a cold belt buckle against your clit

  2. Make your vibrator do double duty.

    In a hurry? Make your sex toys work smarter to satisfy both you and your lover at once, and in double-quick time. "One of my favorite things to do with a penis-owning partner is to place the head of his cock (erect or not) on my clit, and then apply a strong vibrator to the penisit can feel amazing for both people," says Allison Moon, author of Girl Sex 101.

    This could be a useful way to kick-start things if you don't have long for your sex session, but your partner is struggling to get hardor indeed, if you want some brisk brilliance for you both without involving penetration at all.

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  3. Try a more acrobatic position.

    If you're only treating yourself to a quickie, holding a more physically challenging position won't feel like such an exhausting mission. If you're on top during intercourse, try leaning back further than you would usually: it will activate your core and you'll feel the burn in your abs, but because it pulls your pelvic area slightly more taught, this can make sensations in the genitals feel stronger.

    The same applies to sped-up solo sex. "We all know that reverting to the same old position during partnered sex can quickly get boring, yet many of us adopt the same pose every single time we touch ourselves alone," says Anne-Charlotte Desurelle, co-founder of Soft Paris.

    Holding your body in different ways as you masturbate can tense different muscles and activate different nerves; a simple change of posture can make orgasms feel more intense or arrive more easily. If you usually pleasure yourself while laying on your back, try standing up and tensing your legs, or crouching on your hands and kneesand if you're just having a brief flutter, see if clenching your buttocks and thighs as hard as you can as you approach climax helps you win big. Manageable strain for maximum gain.

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  4. Make it slick.

    Lots of women enjoy spontaneous, wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am swift sex sometimes, but find that without significant build-up, their bodies don't get a chance to produce enough natural moisture to make things optimally comfortable. A quick slick of a water-based lube will solve that issue. Stash a couple in your bag so you've always got lovely goo on the go.

    Condoms are a sensible idea to keep quickies clean and avoid, um, "spooge splurge": suddenly ejaculating and inconveniently running out of your vagina some time after penetrative sex.

  5. Hump up the volume.

    Hootin', hollerin', gaspin', and groanin' for hours can be inconsiderate to neighbors and housemates, but if you know you're not going to be making love for long, this can be a good moment to be LOUD.

    There are all sorts of good reasons to enjoy some raucous "din-tercourse": for a start, making whatever noise you like at whatever volume you want can be immensely liberating. When you're truly in the moment like that, vocalizing the sensations you're feeling and going at it like the clappers without worrying about whose walls your boom-bang-a-banging headboard might quake, you're more likely to have a fantastic time.

    Plus, shouting powerfully requires you to take a deep breathwhich can help some women to orgasm. "Many ladies pant fast and high in their chest during sex, which can give you a headache rather than a high," says Renee Denyer from Sh! Erotic Emporium. "Breathing deep into the pit of your stomach, like you would before screaming hard, can coax out a climax."

    Furthermore, bellowing in bed canahemhit a "roar" nerve. "The vagus nerve leads directly from the genitals up the body, where it is knitted into the voice box and the muscles of the face," says sexual wellness coach Megwyn White. "Breathing deeply and making guttural, animalistic roaring sounds can enhance sexual sensations by waking up that vagus nerve pathway."

    For some folks, being loud in bed can feel vulnerable at first. But being brave enough to let go in this way with your partner can strengthen your relationship and bring you closer because you're being expressive and showing each other your true selves. Turn the volume up to 11, and see if you can reach cloud nine.

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