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The controversial show is finally finished.
The hugely successful Netflix show 13 Reasons Why has courted controversy since its inception-literally, the book it was adapted from has been challenged and banned in multiple school districts-but of course, that didn't stop the cast and creators from
We're already preparing to be as obsessed as we were with 'Paper Towns.'
Good news, John Green fans: His novel Looking For Alaska has been turned into a BBC Three series, and the release date is SOON.If you were as obsessed with the adaptations of Paper Towns and The Fault In Our Stars as
Who else wants to get inked, like, right now??
When we decide to get tattoos, there's almost always a special meaning behind them, and the same goes for our fave celebs! Some of their acting projects have been so significant that it made them decide to get inked in
Why didn't we see her in the film?!
Here's something you probably didn't know about Avengers: Endgame: 13 Reasons Why actress Katherine Langford actually shot some scenes for the film! So how come we didn't see her in the final cut? According to a
When 'Riverdale' meets 'Lord of the Flies.'
We need to talk about The Society. Netflix just dropped the first trailer for its latest YA smash and arguably the most exciting since 13 Reasons Why season one. Don't believe me? Check this description:The Society follows a group
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Joining the cast of the To All The Boys I've Loved Before sequel is another boy you've loved before: Ross Butler from 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale! Ross will be playing Trevor Pike, the best friend of Peter Kavinsky, who'
Maymay: 'Help! I can't breathe!'
We didn't know Maymay Entrata was such a huge fan of the show 13 Reasons Why! Here's what happened: Maymay left a comment on lead actress Katherine Langford's Instagram post on Valentine's Day, writing, "MAHAL
Her most controversial tweets and famous followers, including Justin Bieber!
Liza Soberano has gotten a lot of attention in the past years, mostly due to the fact that she is witty AF, she is refreshingly unreserved, and she has one of the most beautiful faces of her generation. But behind the camera,
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on June 29, 2018!
*cue heavy breathing*
It's been over a year since we first saw his debut as Reggie on Riverdale and Zach on 13 Reasons Why, and we're still not over our obsession with Ross Butler. Here, literally just 15 photos of him
You have to see what Tony's boxing trainer looks like.
This post contains minor spoilers about 13 Reasons Why season two.As Clay and friends continue to grapple with the aftermath of Hannah's death, Liberty High welcomes several new faces on season two of 13 Reasons Why, which premiered on Netflix
So much has happened after the tapes.
13 Reasons Why season two premiered on April 18, 2018 on Netflix. Here's what we thought of the new season:It's been five months since Hannah Baker's death by suicide. Her parents, Andrew and Olivia-who,
That was *some* finale.
This post contains spoilers for season two of 13 Reasons Why."What do we do now?"Justin has the honor of delivering the last line on season two of 13 Reasons Why. He asks Jessica and Clay this very question outside Liberty
Just LISTEN to it.
After a week of giddy anticipation, Selena Gomez has finally debuted her new single "Back to You"...and people have thoughts. Specifically that it's not-so-subtly about her super complicated relationship with Justin Bieber.Gomez premiered the track, which
The show is based on a novel of the same name.
Whenever a beloved book gets turned into a movie or TV show, the faithful immediately dissect the new adaptation to see what got changed. Usually, the time constraints of a two-hour film, or even a 10-hour TV season (ahem, Game
The Manila and Cebu legs of his book signing tour have also been postponed.
Jay Asher, author of 13 Reasons Why, has been expelled from the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, following sexual harassment allegations. Lin Oliver, the group's executive director, told the Associated Press on Monday that Asher was
'As sad as it is, there is life after Hannah.'
More details about Netflix's 13 Reasons Why season two have emerged-with star Katherine Langford teasing what role her character Hannah Baker will play.Katherine suggested that the direction Hannah goes in this time around is markedly different to what
Including new cast members, storylines, and spoilers.
Seeing as we now know fo sho that there's going to be a second series of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why, we might as well start getting ourselves all riled up, right?Well, we have a feeling Hannah Baker might be
It will make you rethink the whole show.
By now, you've probably finished watching Netflix's new hit series 13 Reasons Why and have a lot of unresolved feelings about it. The series follows a group of high school students whose lives are rocked when their classmate, Hannah Baker,
Says she's 'freaking out.'
13 Reasons Why is still taking over our lives-and if Selena Gomez has anything to do with it, it is set to do so for the foreseeable future.The executive producer of the show has been dropping some massive hints about