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Bigger is definitely better.
Japan is home to a couple of famous chocolate brands, one of which is Meiji Apollo. The mountain-shaped strawberry-chocolate candy is a favorite among folks of all ages-so much so, in fact, that you can find other spinoff desserts
Dark chocolate lovers, you don't want to miss out.
In the world of desserts, brownies are top-tier for me. Even just one bar brings so much satisfaction. And as someone who's had her fair share, I can tell you that good homemade brownies are hard to come by.
Using inexpensive ingredients!
Hi, quarantined friends. I've got a super-easy recipe that will impress your family and help survive the warm days of summer. I'm talking about chocolate-dipped ice cream popsicles-yep, similar to the P65 IG-famous ice
There's a milk-chocolate drink, too.
Regardless of how you feel about Valentine's day, the truth is it can be alienating when you're celebrating it with someone special. Well, at least we can all look forward to the special sweet treats that usually come
It's super easy!
I've got a sweet tooth, and I have a weakness for chocolate. There are times when I would suddenly crave chocolate desserts, but I would not have anything in my fridge, or restaurants were already closed. Desperate times call for
Or, at the very least help you through daily cognitive challenges.
Apparently, hot chocolate doesn't only taste good... it could also make you smarter. At least that's what a new study by researchers over at the University of Birmingham's School of Sport, Exercise, and Rehabilitation Sciences found.
Each pack costs P340!
Are cheesecake cubes the next big quarantine food trend? This started with Philadelphia Cheesecake Cubes with an Oreo crust and then it was followed by another flavor that uses Maltesers. This time, there's a Philadelphia Cheesecake with Ferrero Rocher.These
Every bite is worth the calories!
We're such big fans of chocolate cake here at that we take *every* opportunity to try one and let Cosmo Girls about it so you can try it yourself. Our current obsession is Theo & Brom's Gooey
This is not a drill!
If you grew up eating Meiji Apollo, then you'll know that its fruity-chocolatey profile is hard to beat. Chances are you probably find yourself hankering for it to this day-and if you're a big fan of
Don't let Jun Wan know!
Remember Kim Jun Wan's favorite snack in Hospital Playlist? Poor Jun Wan, a doctor played by Jung Kyung Ho, had a lot of those black chocolate cube packages in his office-which everyone kept *stealing*!Those chocolates also played a
They taste just like the real thing! ;)
Calling all chocolate lovers out there! If you're looking to satisfy your sweet tooth without having to go out of the house, you can try *making* them on your own. For example, you don't need to spend money
It only needs three ingredients!
Hello, food newbies! We've got another super easy recipe you'll want to make ASAP. If you're obsessed with chocolate candy and Oreo cookies, then you'll love this: Oreo Truffles! The best thing about it
Here's your next project!
Chocolate cakes are always top-tier in the dessert category, but what if we told you that you could take it up a notch? Presenting, the No-Oven Milo Cake recipe!As we were searching for an easy cake recipe, we found
The ingredients are affordable, too!
It's tempting to order cakes right now to satisfy our cravings, but we must admit: The cost plus delivery fee add up to a substantial amount. It won't hurt if we turn to a #tipidhack to give us
Treat yourself!
Call it a non-essential, if you will. But you can't blame those who are yearning for a good chocolate dessert these days-perhaps it's their deep, dark character that gives just enough momentary pleasure to keep going,
Here's a brief history of the popular Pinoy snack.
Is Chocnut really made of chocolate or mostly peanut? Compared with other chocolate bars, this local treat has a powdery texture that easily crumbles when handled. King Chocnut Milk Chocolate (its official name) or simply Chocnut became a widely popular snack in
These simple chocolate cake recipes will satisfy your cravings!
Chocolate cake recipes do not need to be too complex! In fact, even a simple chocolate cake recipe can be the most decadent, moist, and fudgy cake you can make. You may not know it but having an oven to make a
The Catholic Pope observed that people insult each other as if they are saying 'good day.'
Chocolates, coffee, and alcohol are some of the common things that Catholics give up for Lent, but this year, Pope Francis has a different suggestion: trolling!In his speech on Ash Wednesday, February 26, the Pope said Lent is "a time to
It's their new permanent flavor after almost a decade.