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15 Small Flower Tattoo Ideas That Are ~Subtle~ Enough To Be Hidden

small flower tattoo designs
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/little.tattoos, Instagram/joannamroman

Aside from the actual inking session, one of the longest parts in the process of getting a tattoo is actually *thinking* of the design you'll get. This is understandable since it'll be on your body forever, so you want to make sure you're choosing something you really like. If you're going the minimalist route, you can never go wrong with flowers. They're dainty, simple, and timeless. If you need your ink to be ~hidden~, you can keep the flowers small and they will still look good, TBH!

Need some inspo? I'm here for you, of course. I put together 15 of the cutest small flower tattoo designs I've spotted from Instagram—from regular black ink ones to cool colored ones! Check them out below (and get ready to screenshot your favorites):

Best Small Flower Tattoo Designs to Try in 2021

  1. This Hip Flower Tattoo

    The hip is a prime area for low-key tattoos since you're sure that it will almost always be covered by your clothes.

  2. This Calf Flower Tattoo

    Out of all the flowers, the rose is one of the tried-and-tested classic designs!

  3. This Collarbone Flower Tattoo

    The collarbone may be more of an ~exposed~ area, so go for a design with fine lines, like this cherry blossom tattoo.

  4. This Ear Flower Tattoo

    If you're over ear piercings, go for ear *tattoos* instead! ;)

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  5. This Behind The Ear Flower Tattoo

    Not too jazzed about getting your ear *tattooed*? I have an alternative for you: behind-the-ear tattoos.

  6. This BTS-Inspired Tattoo

    BTS' Love Yourself series is the perfect tattoo design if you're a K-pop fan and you love flowers!

  7. These Matching Flower Hands Tattoo

    We love how the stems of the flowers in this matching tattoo can also be seen as holding hands.

  8. This Rib Flower Tattoo

    The rib is one of the more *painful* places to get inked, but the result will be worth it—just check out how this one turned out!

  9. This Finger Flower Tattoo

    The finger is an oldie but a goodie—it's the perfect hiding spot for a small tattoo.

  10. These Tiny Flower Tattoos

    You can probably get away with multiple tiny tattoos if they're as cute as these, lol!

  11. This Fine Line Flower Tattoo

    This tulip tattoo was drawn using a few fine lines. Perfect for minimalists!


  12. This Subtle Flower Tattoo

    The clever shading of this flower tattoo makes it seem like it's a sticker.

  13. This White Ink Flower Tattoo

    Not a fan of the regular black ink? Say hello to white tattoos. Sure, they might fade faster than black ink, but it just looks so damn good! (Be sure to include maintenance in your budget if you plan on getting a white ink tattoo.)

  14. This Outer Arm Flower Tattoo

    The outer arm is another great area for low-key tattoos because it's not the first thing people see when you face them. 

  15. This Dainty Flower Tattoo

    I miiight be just a tiny bit obsessed with finger tattoos, but honestly, can you really blame me when they look THIS cute?


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