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These Cute Pics From The 'Crash Landing On You' Wrap Up Party Are Giving Us Life

We're totally gonna miss this cast!
PHOTO: Instagram/hankyul_oh0601

Hello, we all stayed up late to watch the last episode of Crash Landing On You and we're still recovering. Well, it seems like we were not alone, as it has been confirmed that the series is officially the highest-rated tVn drama of all time—a record previously held by the massively successful 2016 drama, Goblin. 

Anyway, in true K-Drama fashion, the cast of Crash Landing On You gathered to watch the finale together for a wrap-up party yesterday, February 16. And because we're just not ready to let go of this cast, we did some research on Insta and landed on the page of child actor Oh Han-Kyul, who plays the role of Jeong U-Pil, the son of wiretapper Jeong Man-Bok (Kim Young-Min). (We worried so much for him and his omma!) Han Kyul, being the cutie that he is, took the most adorable selfies with his cast aunties and uncles and shared them for fans to enjoy. The best part? He even asked for their signatures!

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Check them out: 

A selfie with uncle Hyun Bin? Check! According to Google Translate, the caption read: "I was so honored and happy to be with Uncle Hyun, who is kind, kind, nice, and loving."

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Here he poses with So Ye Jin! In the caption, he refers to her as "Se-ri noona." Adorbs!

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Han-Kyul with the gorgeous Seo Ji Hye

Check out Gu Seung-Jun/Alberto aka Kim Jung Hyun IRL!

Of course he had to snap selfies with Captain Ri's Company Five membersPyo Chi Soo (Yang Kyung Won), Park Kwang Beom (Lee Shin Young), Kim Joo Muk (Yoo Soo Bin), and Keum Eun Dong (Tang Joon Sang). 

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He couldn't forget about his village ajummas. (Did you know you can visit the village from Crash Landing On You? Here's a guide!)

OMG! Even a pic with Cho Cheol Gang (Oh Man-Seok) himself!

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Of course, it wouldn't be complete without his on-screen appa

Actress Yoon Ji-Min, who plays Se-Ri's sister-in-law Ko Sang-A, aka the worst character ever, also posted some snaps from the party:

It's gonna take us a while to forget about this show. Thank you, Han-Kyul for the cute pics. <3 p="">

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