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All The Must-Watch Dramas And Movies Starring Hyun Bin

Bin there, Bin that. Here's a list of Hyun Bin's greatest hits!

Whether you've been crushing on him since he ~crash-landed~ on your television screens years ago in the highly successful My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and Secret Garden, or you've retroactively fallen for him after watching Crash Landing On You, it's safe to say that we've all been captured by Hyun Bin's charm.

And because we just can't get enough of him, here's a list of Hyun Bin's dramas and movies to watch right now:

Crash Landing On You (2019-2020)

Why You Need To Watch It: The Netflix original Crash Landing On You was a worldwide hit—in fact, a lot of people became K-drama fans after seeing the story of Captain Ri and Yoon Se Ri (played by Son Ye Jin) unfold. You will most likely die from kilig because of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin's amazing on-screen chemistry! #RiRiCouple forever!

The PlotYoon Se Ri, a successful and powerful businessman and estranged daughter of one of South Korea's richest families, ends up in North Korean soil after a paragliding accident. She quite literally crash lands into the arms of North Korean soldier, Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok. Trouble unfolds as Captain Ri has to make the choice between keeping the South Korean woman alive and risk his own life or following the harsh laws of his land about foreigners. We swear, this is *worth* the watch!


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Memories Of The Alhambra (2018)

Why You Need To Watch It: Alhambra marks Hyun Bin's big return to K-drama after a three-year break, during which time he concentrated on making movies. It's an ambitious project in scale, production, and breaks new ground with its theme, which centers around virtual reality/gaming. He costars with the lovely Park Shin Hye.

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The Plot: CEO Yoo Jin Woo (Hyun Bin) has invested in a revolutionary AR video game that he thinks will absolutely change the world. He's not wrong. But while testing the game, he discovers a fatal glitch in the program. And fatal translates to real-world deadly consequences, i.e. you die in the game, you die in real life. Now it's a race to find the creator of the game, Jung Se Joo (EXO's Park Chanyeol), who's mysteriously gone missing, before it's game over for Jin Woo. To do that he needs to enlist the help of Se Joo's sister, Jung Hee Joo (Park Shin Hye).

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The Negotiation (2018)

Why You Need To Watch It: Further widening his acting range, Hyun Bin plays a villain for the first time in the suspense thriller The Negotiation. He also costars with Son Ye Jin (Yoon Se-ri in Crash Landing) for the first time. The two share a lot of screen time in the movie but actually only shot one scene together. That didn't stop people from speculating that they were dating though (which they have already denied) thanks to the undeniable chemistry they displayed during the movie's press tour.

The Plot: Dangerous gang leader Min Tae Gu (Hyun Bin) has kidnapped a couple of Koreans in Bangkok and asks specifically for police inspector and hostage crisis expert Ha Chae Youn (Son Ye Jin). His demands are ambiguous at first, but there's more to him and his motives than meet the eye. Everything eventually leads up to a larger conspiracy of corruption and bribery that reaches even the highest levels of government.


Confidential Assignment (2017)

Why You Need To Watch It: More recently, Hyun Bin has been making waves as an action star rather than a romantic lead. With Confidential Assignment, he conquers even newer territory—the action bromance comedy genre.

The Plot: When North Korean detective Im Cheol Ryung's (Hyun Bin) corrupt superior Cha Ki Seong escapes to South Korea with master plates used to make counterfeit money, Cheol Ryung is ordered to pursue the traitor, arrest him, and retrieve the plates. However, in order to do that, they're going to have to play nice with the South Koreans.

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So Cheol Ryung is assigned to work with South Korean detective Kang Jin Tae (Yu Hae Jin), but the South Koreans have their doubts about the mission. Jin Tae is tasked to watch Cheol Ryung closely while they launch their own investigation to uncover the truth. As the two continue to "work" together, bromance blooms and hijinks ensue.


Secret Garden (2010)

Why You Need To Watch It: He had yet to grow into his chiseled jawline and broad shoulders, but the smoldering looks and adorable dimples were already on full display in this, his second well-received K-drama after My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. By the way, if you've ever wanted to see Hyun Bin in a sequined tracksuit jacket, here's your chance.

The Plot: In this Cinderella tale with a Freaky Friday twist, Hyun Bin plays Kim Joo Won, the rich, arrogant CEO of a department store who meets tomboyish stunt woman with a heart of gold Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won) by accident (or is it serendipity?). She's not in the same class as he is and clearly isn't interested in him, but Joo Won can't seem to get her out of his mind. He decides to pursue her to find out why. And just when you think this is going to be another will they or won't they K-drama, things take a turn for the weird when the two switch bodies!


A Millionaire's First Love (2006)

Why You Need To Watch It: It's Hyun Bin's first lead role in a movie, and if you loved A Walk To Remember, you're going to love this. Prepare a hanky, this one's a straight-up tearjerker.

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The Plot: Hyun Bin plays Kang Jae Kyung, your typical slacker rich kid, who lives only to go clubbing and drive his expensive sports car. He's just turned 18 and is set to receive his inheritance when he learns that his grandfather has stipulated that the only way he can get it in full is if he goes to Boram High School in Gangwondo province…and graduates. If not, he only gets 0.1 percent of the total amount. Not only that, he's denied access to any of his rich-boy toys until he does. As expected, he hates it in Gangwondo but what he doesn't expect is to uncover his traumatic past and fall in love with terminally ill Choi Eun Hwan (Lee Yeon Hee). 


My Name is Kim Sam Soon (2005)

Why You Need To Watch It: It may not be his first time on the small screen, but this is the show that put Hyun Bin on the radar of K-drama fans everywhere. It had an average viewership rating of 37 percent, with the finale hitting an astounding 50 percent.

The Plot: The titular character, Kim Sam Soon (Kim Sun A), is not exactly a pushover but she's also still a few shades shy of plucky. She's a 30-year-old, "pudgy" (so they keep telling us), down-on-her-luck pastry chef who's unhappy with her love life, career trajectory, and even her old-fashioned name. But then Hyun Jin Heon (Hyun Bin), poor little rich boy and president of the swanky restaurant Bon Appetit, hires her as their pastry chef…and as a pretend girlfriend, to keep his meddling, matchmaking mom off his back. She agrees readily to the first, but it isn't until she's in dire financial straits that she reluctantly agrees to the second. Given that the two can barely stand each other, you can bet that sparks are going to fly.