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An Honest Review Of 'Tune In For Love'

Kim Go Eun and Jung Hae In as the lead couple? We're sold!

The Long Plot, Sans Spoilers

Tune In For Love starts In 1994. Mi Soo (Kim Go Eun) meets Hyun Woo (Jung Hae In) on October 1 of that year. It was also the day when a singer named Yoo Yeol becomes the DJ of a radio program called Music Album. Mi Soo was running a bakery at that time when Hyun Woo enters the shop to look for tofu after getting released from a juvenile detention center. Eventually, Hyun Woo finds part-time work at the bakery and gets close to Mi Soo.

At one point while working in the bakery, Hyun Woo meets a mysterious old friend who brings their other friends to the store. They looked like troublemakers, but Hyun Woo ends up joining the group when they leave. He doesn't come back and doesn't get in touch with Mi Soo afterward.

Years pass and the two of them meet again. They reconnect and finally get to share more moments together. But fate doesn't seem to be on their side as they encounter various challenges that pull them apart. Will they end up together or will they end up only with fleeting cherished memories? Tune in to find out.

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The Short, Honest Plot

Star-crossed lovers meet, part ways unexpectedly, meet again, part ways due to another unexpected circumstance, meet again…You get the idea.

The Actors And Where You Last Saw Them

Kim Go Eun as Kim Mi-Soo

The beautiful actress became widely known in the Philippines after her portrayal in Goblin (2016 to 2017). After that, she starred in the movie Sunset in My Hometown (2018).

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Jung Hae In as Cha Hyun-Woo

This cute actor with a super sweet smile most recently starred in the K-drama One Spring Night (2019). In 2018, he also starred in Something In The Rain and the movie Heung-boo: The Revolutionist. If you're an avid fan, you probably saw him during his fan meetings in Manila in 2018 and 2019.

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Did You Know?

1. Tune In for Love was directed by Jung Ji Woo. He was the director behind Eungyo, aka A Muse (2012), an erotic film that also starred Go Eun.

2. The last time you saw Go Eun and Hae In together was in an epic K-drama Goblin. They just had a few scenes together where Hae In played Tae Hee, Go Eun's childhood crush that she meets again when taking a college entrance exam. SO CUTE!

3. In a press conference, Hae In said he and Go Eun had great teamwork. "I didn't get certain lines. They seemed vague even in the rehearsal and the group reading session. But once the cameras were on, we looked at each other's eyes. It was all there."

4. In the same press con, Go Eun said it was nice to act with mutual love now rather than in Goblin when their story was just Eun Tak's one-sided crush on her Tae Hee-oppa. Hae In shared that they didn't get to have a lot of conversations but Go Eun said she'd like to work with him again in another project someday. Hae In said, "I felt warmth in her. I felt well taken care of."

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5. Just like Yoo Yeol in Tune In for Love, Go Eun and Hae In were radio DJs for a day in a promotional video for The Swoon. They read love stories submitted by subscribers and gave some ~*love*~ advice. (ICYDK, The Swoon is the YouTube channel where Netflix features behind-the-scenes clips, trailers, and other videos of Korean and Asian dramas.) 

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What Fellow Fans Think:

"Tune In For Love for is a movie worth watching. Given that it [stars] Jung Hae In really made my expectations high and it didn't fail me. It's not just about love or trust but it's all about patience and faith. It may not be the cup of tea of some but it will surely take you through an emotional journey that will move your heart and make you shed tears.

"The characters of Hyun Woo and Mi Soo will make you realize that no matter how hard life may be or no matter how much time challenges you, all you need is patience and faith in that someone you love. [So you have to] let go all your fears to reach that happiness you both dream of.

"[Even though the characters' backstories were a bit weak], it didn't really give much negative impact. Both actors gave justice to their roles. Their depth of emotions can make viewers really connect with the story. Hoping for more movies and series featuring these two brilliant actors." —MC Joyce Bacalzo

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"Crush ko talaga si Go Eun ever since Goblin at natuwa naman ako kay Hae In in While You Were Sleeping. Their chemistry was great, but I am not so sure about the story. Napakita and nakwento naman yung love story nila pero near the end of the movie, lahat gumulo at hindi ko na masyado gets bakit sila naghiwalay, anong connection noon sa past nila at iba pa." —Rozz Randell Cadavillo

What I Think: 

I was so excited when I saw the news and the posters months before, but I never got around to watching the trailer. On the first day it was available on Netflix, I ordered my hubby to chill and tune in with me.

As expected, Kim Go Eun and Jung Hae In were so adorable as a couple. I'm so glad we got to see sort of a "what would have been" scenario if Kim Shin wasn't in the picture and the cute Eun Tak and Tae Hee-oppa characters got together.

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Go Eun was so beautiful throughout the film. I loved how ~*real*~ and believable her looks were—from her haggard face and gloomy eyes when she was stuck in a job that she wasn't passionate about to her blooming aura when she was finally doing something she loved. There were even parts that her hair was legit messy (not the pa-cute kind!). I love that Go Eun is the kind of actress that doesn't need to look perfect all the time if it meant being more relatable and portraying her role more effectively. Plus, through her convincing expressions and line delivery, you can see yourself in her somehow.

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Hae In was also so dreamy—like a boy-next-door you just couldn't help but fall for. You could really feel his agony over his past in the movie. But, I have to admit, like the last two dramas where he was the male lead, Tune In For Love also had this dragging storyline that doesn't get you thrilled. I guess I was looking for more kilig, more fiery moments, and more excitement.

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I did appreciate the cinematography, music, and bits of the script. The shots of yellow gingko trees in autumn, cherry blossoms in spring, the "Fix You" soundtrack—they can make you nostalgic. I also found it relatable when Mi Soo said that miracles were nothing special when she was at a low point in life and when Hyun Woo said that he smiles brightly to cherish the few good memories he gets blessed with. In the end, the best realization I got from the movie is how being with someone special can turn any ordinary day into an extraordinary one.

I'd Recommend It To:

Anyone who's a sucker for slow-burn romances and also anyone who needs a break from all the heart-stopping, action-packed Netflix series nowadays!

Catch Tune In For Love on Netflix.

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