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WATCH: We're *Obsessed* With Maymay Entrata's Dance Cover Of Hwasa's 'Maria'

Go, queen!
Maymay Entrata's dance cover of 'Maria' by Hwasa
PHOTO: Youtube/Maymay Entrata

Lately, I've been into ~binge-watching~ K-pop dance covers on YouTube and I discovered one particular video that totally amazed me: Maymay Entrata channeling her inner Hwasa as she danced to "Maria"!

The 23-year-old actress uploaded her dance cover on her YouTube channel. On Instagram, she thanked Hwasa for her music: "Your 'Maria' song inspired us to be confident, do things in our own way, and not letting other people take our light. It also empowered women to not mind others’ opinions on one’s beauty and being proud of who we are. For me, accepting yourself is the truest definition of beauty. Flaws and imperfections make oneself’s perfect." 

Maymay Entrata thanks Hwasa

As a true-blue MAMAMOO (the group that Hwasa is a member of) fan, Maymay's dance cover did not just earn my approval but it also won my heart! Call me a Maymay stan—this girl definitely killed it! What I love about her video in particular, is that she even did her own interpretation of Hwasa's iconic facial expressions, complete with her fierce gaze!  I mean, just look at this smirk:

Maymay Entrata's first dance cover
Youtube/Maymay Entrata
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Maymay is no stranger to doing K-pop dance covers, especially since she's a true K-pop fan herself! Here's the queen ~sitting on her throne~ with her dance cover of BLACKPINK's Jennie's "SOLO" on ASAP Natin 'To:

It turns out, Maymay is a BLINK and guess whatLisa noticed her during one of their Instagram live broadcasts! While I'm here let me share with you her performance of the group's hit song, "DDU-DU-DDU-DU":

Love this "DALLA DALLA" production with her fellow PBB Teen housemates, Heaven and Vivoree

Need more proof to love this girl? Check out her performance of 2NE1's "Fire":

Looking forward to more K-pop dance covers from you, queen! Here's the entire video of Maymay dancing to "Maria" for you to enjoy:

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