What To Eat Before And After Different Workouts

Give yourself the right amount energy, and let your muscles repair afterwards.



Don't eat anything heavy a few hours before you run 'cos that'll make your stomach hurt and result in poor performance. But you still need something to energize you, so eat something light and easy to digest, like one slice of whole-wheat toast with jam.

You might want to drink black coffee if you want to run longer. Runners like Mo Farah need the caffeine to enhance their endurance.


Repair your muscles with carbs and high-protein food. Have a sandwich with lean meats, eggs, and cheese; have Greek yogurt with granola and berries. 



Just drinking water is good enough, but you can have some fruits as well. The fruits will fuel you by providing you with enough carbs for your muscles and brain. (Remember to keep things light.)


Have an egg to get some protein for muscle repair, and an orange to hydrate you from sweating a lot.



Have Greek yogurt with berries. The Greek yogurt will keep you full throughout your workout since it takes four to six hours to digest. The berries are your source of energy that also help keep you full.


Eat nuts to combat inflammation. Drink lemon water and have some grapefruit to hydrate and refresh you.



Eat beets and peaches. The beets increase the production of nitric oxide, which dilates the blood vessels to promote the great blood flow your muscles need. Peaches, which are delicious to eat with beets, give you the healthy carbs for energy.


Have eggs to give you protein. It's best to make omelet with some red bell peppers, a rich source of vitamin C, to maintain a healthy cartilage.

Strength training


Greek yogurt and granola are best for you. Greek yogurt has the proteins casein and whey (which are excellent sources of all the essential amino acids). Casein is the slow-digesting protein that provides your bloodstream with a steady flow of amino acids for hours, while the fast-digesting whey increases protein synthesis and muscle strength.

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The granola is your source of carbs for extra power or energy.


To get stronger muscles, you also need whey after your workout. Have it with a smoothie!

High-intensity interval training


You need a quick boost of energy (and of course something healthy), so have nuts and seeds, oatmeal, or a fruit-and-nut bar with at least four to five grams each of protein and fiber.


You need protein-rich foods to repair and tone your muscles. Eat some quinoa, vegetables, and chicken. The carbs found in quinoa will restore glycogen, the main energy source of muscles. The antioxidants in veggies and the protein in chicken and quinoa will help repair muscle damange.

Don't forget to drink water before and after working out; water will keep your body cool as you workout, helping you perform longer.

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