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When It Comes To A Possible Job, Is Experience Or Salary More Important?

Here's what a motivational speaker has to say.
Career concern: Which is more valuable, experience or money?

Growing up, when it came to a point where we had to make some *big decisions* in life—like what course to pursue or what kind of job to apply for—there were always those people who would say, "Follow your heart" or "Follow your dreams." When I graduated from college and started looking for jobs, I got all sorts of advice. Some said, "Do what you love and the money will come after" while others just dropped truth bombs and were like, "Walang pera sa industry na 'yan." (Raise your hand if you can relate, LOL.) But TBH, mapapaisip ka nga naman talaga. Which is more important: gaining experience or earning high income? In an episode of the podcast Adulting With Joyce Pring, Pinay content creator + motivational speaker Coach Lyqa Maravilla, along with Joyce Pring herself, shared her thoughts on this common dilemma. 

Career concern: Which is more valuable, experience or money? 

Before anything else, you have to be honest with yourself. "Ano ba talaga yung gusto ko?"

According to Coach Lyqa, there's always a thought process that comes into play. "When we make these decisions, whether we're taking a job for skills, for experience, or for money, we just have to be brutally honest with ourselves." What's your initial goal? Joyce also pointed out that usually, people are stuck with this question because they're thinking short-term. Ask yourself, "What do I need and what do I want in the long run?" Between experience and money, Coach Lyqa said, "The simple answer talaga would be it depends on your situation." We're all at different stages of our lives. Our priorities aren't all the same. If you ever decide to choose money over experience, you shouldn't hate yourself for it. The reality is that some people can't easily afford to ~pursue their passion~ right away, and that's totally okay.


Every kind of experience is a learning method. 

"Any kind of experience when you're in your early 20s is a learning tool for you. You don't have to belittle any experience," Joyce mentioned. Grab the opportunities presented to you and use them as a way to grow.

Most of the time, it would be good to listen to your parents and guardians.

At some point during the podcast, Joyce recalled one instance where she wished she had just listened to her dad's advice on choosing which course to take in college. She advised that your parents and guardians are people who have more experience than you. Chances are, they've gone through similar struggles and concerns. It's okay to ask for help when making this major life decision. Getting their thoughts on the situation you're in definitely won't hurt. 

Adaptability and agility will help you succeed in life.

One key takeaway from the discussion is that success is not linear. Coach Lyqa clarified, "It doesn’t have to be a direct path to where you’re supposed to be." Getting a degree, looking for a job, and working itself won't always be easy. But being able to adjust to any kind of situation, and being able to think and act quickly are always good traits to have. And in the words of Coach Lyqa, "Who you become means more than what you become."

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Be inquisitive.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Joye suggested, "Be curious about the world. Be curious about your coworkers. Be inquisitive about the work that you do. Be unapologetically a student of everything that you can be a student of." Give yourself the freedom to explore and make mistakes along the way. After all, isn't that what your 20s are for? ;) 

Listen to the full episode of "What's More Valuable - Experience or Money? ft. Coach Lyqa" below.


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