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Where To Buy Ice Scramble If Gusto Mong *Magpalamig* 'Cause It's So Damn Hot

One of your favorite childhood desserts is making a comeback!
where to buy ice scramble

Not gonna lie, I love living in a tropical country. Summer is actually my favorite time of the year but to be completely honest, minsan talaga, the heat can just get freakin' unbearable. And I'm sure you guys can relate. Like me, you've probably kept your air conditioner on a lil' longer than planned or maybe you've showered a couple more times than usual. Another thing that I like to do to ~keep cool~ is eat refreshing treats. I'm always on the lookout for the *best* ice cream out there. But lately, I noticed one dessert is somehow making a comeback: ice scramble, aka iskrambol. '90s kids would probably know this, but in case you're not familiar with it, ice scramble is a frozen treat that's usually made of shaved or crushed ice flavored with syrup and topped with loads of chocolate syrup, sprinkles, powdered milk, marshmallows, and more. If you want to treat yourself to something sweet and refreshing especially on a hot day, then you've got to try this! ;) 

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Check out these online stores for some yummy ice scramble.

ISkrambol Klasik

Follow: @classicicescramble

This dessert shop offers ice scramble in three different flavors: strawberry, chocolate, and ube. You can get a 1,000 ml tub for P170 or a 2,500 ml tub for P320. Don't forget about the toppings! They have choco syrup, skimmed milk, mini mallows, sprinkles, rice crispies, and choco flakes. 

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To place an order, visit their Facebook page or Instagram.

Snacks & Ladders

Follow: @snacksandladders

Even if they already closed down their Maginhawa store that's home to your favorite board games, Snacks & Ladders is still open to serve you online! Aside from the sweet ice scramble (P129), you can also order savory dishes like chicken poppers, nachos, onion rings, and more. 

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For more details and to check out their full menu, visit their Instagram. They're available for delivery via GrabFood and Foodpanda, but you can also place your order through this link.

Scramble City PH

Follow: @scramble_city_ph

For P320, Scramble City's set already includes the following: one 2.5 L tub of scramble, four kinds of toppings (premium chocolate, milk powder, mini mallows, and candy sprinkles), four cups, and four spoons. 

To order, you can send them a message on Instagram

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Cafe Meraki

Follow: @cafemerakiph

If you're a fan of oreo and graham, you'll want to get this DIY Scramble Home Kit from Cafe Meraki. One kit (P420) can already make up to eight 12 oz cups! 

You can place an order via Foodpanda and check out their Instagram for more details. 

What's In Store PH

Follow: @e_scrambleqc

In the mood to share? This store offers two different sized tubs that can serve your entire family or barkada! You can either get the Family Set (P150) that's good for four to six people, or the Squad Set (P250) that's good for ten to twelve people. Each set includes ice scramble, skimmed milk, marshmallow, sprinkles, rice crispies or corn flakes, choco chips or crushed oreos, chocolate syrup, and strawberry syup. 

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To place an order, you can send them a message on Instagram.

CM' Ice Scramble

Follow: @cmicescramblepque

Calling all South peeps! This Paranaque-based store offers one of your favorite childhood desserts with a twist. Peep those cups of ice scramble loaded with toppings! 

You can place an order via GrabFood or Foodpanda. For more details, check out their Instagram

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Dad's Ice Scramble

Follow: @dadscramble.pq

Enjoy this refreshing treat in five different flavors: classic, ube, choco, melon, and pandan. You can get it in Family size (P165), Trio (P235), Quatro (P305), or Party size (P415). Want extra toppings? Don't worry, they've got a lot! Choose from chocolate Kisses, Nips, candy sprinkles, and more. They also have chocolate, strawberry, and caramel syrup for that final touch. 

To order, you can send them a message on Instagram or Facebook.

Ice Scramble PH

Follow: @icescrambleph

Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings and order from Ice Scramble PH. Their one-liter tub costs P120 and is good for two to three people while their two-liter tub is priced at P200 and can serve five to six people. Each comes with skimmed milk, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, mini mallows, and chocolate droplets.

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Visit their Instagram to order.


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