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5 *Simple* Room Divider Ideas You Can Try To Maximize Your Space At Home

They can also be used as decor. ;)
room divider ideas

Here at the Cosmo HQ, we're always thinking about the different ways you can make simple spaces at home look *extra* pretty. Even if you live in a small condo, or you just don't have that much room to begin with, it shouldn't stop you from creating a beautiful and comfortable place you can call your own. Trust us: As long as you follow the right design tips and invest in functional pieces, you can still make it work!  

In fact, if you've got a tiny room, one of the solutions to maximizing that space is to use dividers. Aside from letting it give you the privacy that you need, it can also ~define~ a new area in your home. These dividers can separate your dining area from your kitchen, your dressing room from your study room, and more. Did we mention that it could also be used as *aesthetic* home decor? Yup, that's right. Sometimes, a room divider can even double as artwork! Keep reading to find out what items you can use to enhance the different parts of your house. 

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Check out these room divider ideas for your next space makeover.


If you want to separate your living area from your sleeping area, putting up curtains would be your best bet. They're easy to install and affordable, too. Just remember to choose your fabric wisely! We suggest you go with one that can freely allow light and air to pass through. For those who don't prefer fabric, beaded curtains could also be an option. 

room divider ideas - curtains
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Wooden slats

Want something more decorative but still simple? Consider wooden slats. According to Architectural Digest, they're even considered as "the royalty of room dividers." (Fun fact: You can also use wooden slats for low-level furniture, like when you want to achieve a Korean-inspired bedroom.) 


Got a lot of books lying around? Hit two birds with one stone and use a bookshelf as a divider. It can effortlessly separate spots like your reading nook and sleeping area.  

room divider ideas - bookshelf
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Hanging plants

You can never go wrong with some greenery. ICYDK, adding indoor plants to your room has certain health benefits. It can boost your mood, reduce stress, and most importantly, clean the air. There are even plants that can help you sleep better if lagi kang puyat! Plus, just imagine how gorgeous your place will look with the added touch of nature.

Shelving units

Similar to the bookshelf, shelving units can also be used as room dividers. Fair warning, though: Don't put everything out on display! You still have to be strategic with the items that you choose to place on the shelves. Exposing too much of your stuff might look makalat—and we definitely don't want that!

room divider ideas - storage shelves
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Watch the video below for more room divider ideas. 


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