4 Questions To Ask Before You Take Back A Cheater

Should you forgive him after he strays? Answering these important queries will help you see the issue in a better light and come to a clear decision.

1. Was it a one-time thing or something more?

Don't forget that, either way, your guy was still unfaithful and disrespected your bond. But, it may be harder to put it behind you if it was an ongoing hook-up or relationship rather than a one-night stand.

2. Did he have sex with her or just mess around?

A make-out session at a party is potentially more forgivable than getting naked with another chick and having full-on sex.

3. Had you guys agreed to be exclusive?

Unless you talked about being a monogamous couple--or you'd been together a long time and monogamy was truly implied--he may not have even realized he was cheating.

4. Has the relationship been good otherwise?

If you really have fun together, feel that he respects you, and believe that he is a good person who just made a mistake, then it may be worth forgiving him. If there have always been problems, however, or you have suspected him of deceiving you before, consider moving on.

Source: Relationship expert Mira Kirshenbaum

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