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6 Signs He's Made For Bedroom Action

His fitness, drinking habits, and waistline are just some of the things that will tell you loads about a guy's libido and reproductive health at a glance.

The dude you're after may talk sexy and wear super-tight, bulge-bearing jeans, but that doesn't mean he has what it takes to keep up with you in the sack...or get you knocked up when you're ready. The real signs of a highly sexual male are a lot more subtle and surprising. According to urologist Harry Fisch, author of Size Matters, the following six traits and behaviors indicate that a man is truly made for action.

1. He's Trim Around The Middle

You've no doubt heard that a dude with a gut is more likely to keel over from a heart attack later in life, but it's also a bad sign in the sexual realm. Testosterone is broken down more quickly in belly fat. So, what's with that big stomach? It's literally sucking him dry of the stuff.

"Testosterone is the gas that drives the car," Dr. Fisch says. "If it's low, he's going to be low on gas. He'll be tired, he's not going to be able to exercise very much, he's less likely to be in the mood, and his fertility will be lower because a guy needs a certain level of  testosterone to produce sperm."

Waist size is especially a concern if your guy is over 30, when metabolism slows down and testosterone levels decrease by about one percent each year.

2. He's Got Guns

If a great sex life is high on your list of priorities, find a guy who's trim and buff. "Someone who regularly works out and lifts weights is likely to have a higher libido," says Dr. Fisch. That's because the body needs testosterone to build muscle mass, so if he has Derek Ramsay-like biceps, he usually has more of the hormone.

You can't say the same for men who are "skinny fat"—you know, the tall, thin guy who has a body like a noodle. "If he's too scrawny, he's not going to have a lot of testosterone or a strong sex drive," Dr. Fisch says. "Unfortunately, working out can only boost a guy's testosterone levels to a point, and some men will never build big muscles because they don't have high enough levels."

3. He Parties Smart

Smoking and heavy drinking have the same effect on a guy's mojo as a Rosie O'Donnell striptease. "Smoking constricts blood vessels, which means there's less blood flowing to his penis," Dr. Fisch says. This may cause him to have problems getting—and maintaining—an erection. Downing more than three drinks can also leave him limp because alcohol is a central-nervous-system depressant, which once again, limits blood flow to his penis. So, what'll happen to a guy who knocks back lots of cocktails? He's probably not going to be the life of the party in bed.

4. His Testicles Are In Top Shape

You can learn even more about a guy's long-term sexual potential once his pants are off. First, check out his testicles: Each should be the size of a walnut, says Dr. Fisch, and they should be nearly equal, though small differences are nor mal. If one is considerably smaller—say, the size of a cherry—then that's a fertility red flag. Around 95 percent of a testicle is made up of sperm-producing cells, and five percent is made up of testosterone-producing cells. A smaller testicle makes for a smaller sperm factory.

While you're feeling around down there, note how heated his boys get. "If his testicles run hot, it could be due to a group of pronounced veins in the scrotum, called a varicocele," says Dr. Fisch. "These veins are filled with warm blood, and the extra heat reduces sperm count." A varicocele can be flat or raised and can look similar to a group of varicose veins in the legs. To find out for sure if he has one, cup his balls and firmly—but gently—run your thumb along the scrotal skin, being careful to check for raised portions or lumps (which may feel like coiled string).

5. He Has Stellar Semen

You can glean a lot from the volume, clarity, and taste of a man's semen. A guy's ejaculate should be about half a teaspoon. If he's producing less, it could mean he's been ejaculating a lot from sex or masturbation or that he has an infection or blockage of the ejaculatory ducts, Dr. Fisch says.

Semen is mostly fluid, but about one percent of it is sperm, which is what gives it a cloudy appearance. If you notice a man's ejaculate has a watery consistency instead of a creamy one, he likely has a low sperm count and he may have difficulty fathering kids.

As for taste, "a guy's semen is a mixture of fluid that contains sugar—fructose—from the seminal vesicles and a salty taste from the prostate," Dr. Fisch says. If a man is having sex or masturbating frequently, as in every day or several times a day, he's going to deplete the fructose-containing fluid, so his semen will taste saltier. If he hasn't ejaculated in a while, it's going to be sweeter.

6. He Takes Just Long Enough

You don't need a PhD to know that a guy who comes too fast can put a damper on your sex life (anything less than two minutes is considered premature ejaculation). But, a man who takes forever to peak despite being hard also may be cause for concern. For one, he may be giving himself a hand too often. "Some men masturbate so much that they know their trigger points and it becomes more difficult for them to come inside a woman," Dr. Fisch says. It could also indicate that he's on an antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication, which can cause prolonged ejaculation.

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