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Drama, vlogged.
YouTube is the home of drama, scandal, and the odd tutorial on how to re-pressurize your boiler. Our favorite YouTubers have been documenting the ups and downs of their lives for years, and if you're anything like me you&#
Keeping up with the YouTube feuds!
Beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star is never one to shy away from drama, and now he's even feuding with Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's son, 10-year old Mason Disick. It's an odd kick-off: a 35-
Remember when he called James a 'danger to society'?
All has been relatively quiet on the beauty blogger front lately. Since Tati Westbrook posted her explosive "Bye Sister" YouTube video, ending her friendship with James Charles, no drama (except maybe those Jaclyn Hill lipsticks) in the beauty community has derailed fans&#
The YouTuber opened up on IG.
Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt were together for five years before splitting in January. Confirming the sad news after days of speculation, the YouTuber apologized to fans for the silence and told them he's "been trying to heal."But it
Before the money and more importantly, the ring lights.
It's hard to imagine a time when our favorite beauty YouTubers weren't filling our subscription boxes with their perfectly blended makeup looks, but if you thought Jeffree Star, James Charles, Nikkie Tutorials, Jackie Aina, and others were born
Won't somebody think of the collectors?
It's been a h-e-c-k of a year so far for Jeffree Star. He'd only just moved into a brand-new mega-mansion at the start of the month before fans grew concerned at the news he'd
'There's a lot more I'm going through.'
Jeffree Star says there's more than just his recent break-up behind his decision to cancel his European makeup masterclass tour with Mmmmitchell.Four days before the tour was due to begin in Dublin, tour organizer Tatti Lashes released a
And he doesn't seem thrilled about the speculation!
So it's only been a few days since Jeffree Star posted a video confirming that he and boyfriend Nathan Schwandt broke up, but apparently people are already out here spreading rumors/believing that Nathan is dating someone else, which would
'I’ve never loved someone like I’ve loved him.'
Filed under one of the first biggest celeb breakups of 2020: Beauty mogul and YouTube celebrity Jeffree Star announced that he has broken up with long-time boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. He shared the news on Twitter where he apologized to his fans
Get ready to subscribe to 'Shane Glossin.'
Following the success of his internet-breaking Conspiracy palette with Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson has announced that he is starting a whole new YouTube channel, and it's going to be entirely dedicated to beauty.Yep, just when you thought makeup
Complete with live-in security, tyvm.
ICYDK: Jeffree Star has moved out of his ~extra~ pink Barbie house and is now the proud owner of a freaking castle. He starts the video by explaining that they outgrew their old house, especially because there was no room left for
He should have listed 'drama' as an exclusive item in his mystery boxes...
It's been a busy and stressful couple of weeks for Jeffree Star after the sell-out launch of his Conspiracy palette with Shane Dawson.First, there was the release of his new Extreme Frost Highlighter, which, although undeniably blinding, were
And he’s gonna say Jaclyn's palettes are expensive.....
Jeffree Star may have just launched his Conspiracy collection with Shane Dawson, but if you thought he was taking a break from new makeup releases, think again.To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, the self-made millionaire is launching
Yikes, yikes, yiiiikes!
Hello, and welcome to another installment of "beauty vlogger drama you didn't see coming." As basically the whole internet would recall, a few months ago beauty You Tuber Jaclyn Hill was d-r-a-g-g-e-d after customers
The 21-year-old Filipino internet star dedicated the award to his dad.
Doing the least, but looking the most-Bretman Rock just won Beauty Influencer of 2019 at the People's Choice Awards! The Filipino vlogger based in Hawaii was up against Jeffree Star, James Charles, Nikita Dragun, Nikkie de Jager, Rachel Levin, Desi
This just in: YouTubers and long-time friends Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson just shared photos of their makeup collaboration. The two worked on the Conspiracy Collection for a YEAR-they wanted to make sure that they'll come up with
The YouTube beauty community is getting messy again...
The YouTube rumor mill is in overdrive after Jeffree Star unfollowed his (former?) friend Tati Westbrook on social media.While it appears that Jeffree actually unfollowed Tati around one month ago-just before the start of his latest documentary series with Shane
'I was naive & didn’t know better.'
Shane Dawson's latest YouTube series: The Beautiful Life of Jeffree Star has so far been a revelation. Not only have we learnt that Jeffree travels with an armed bodyguard at all times, but in the latest episode Jeffree revealed that
'Doesn't mean I don't love Gaga, take a deep breath!!!'
First it was Kylie Skin (again) and now Jeffree Star is being accused of shading Lady Gaga's Haus Laboratories line.After Gaga announced that her debut beauty line was launching exclusively on Amazon, the entire line became available to pre-
Tea time!
Has your life been, IDK, just missing something lately? Same, and that something is beauty vlogger drama. But Jeffree Star came through with a review of Kylie Jenner's new skincare line, Kylie Skin, and it's best described as