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They're perfect for the 'gram, too!
It's been almost a week since Taylor Swift's newest album, Red (Taylor's Version), was released and TBH, we've still got the album on repeat! That 10-minute version of "All Too Well" really hit
Sultry takes on classics, caramel-tinged crepe cakes, and more!
Desserts come in all shapes, forms, and flavors-and when it's a sweet treat that's of the rich, deep-tasting, crowd-pleasing sort that you crave, caramel cake definitely fits the bill. In its most basic and common
They're almost too pretty to eat!
Whether you're celebrating a special occassion or not, you can never go wrong with eating cake. Believe me, there's always room for dessert! And if I were to be completely honest, I'd even think that cakes
Their cakes are a work of art!
I love discovering local bakeries because 1) I am obsessed with bread, cakes, and pastries, and 2) I like supporting them! My Instagram Explore page regularly keeps in the loop with new finds, so I saw a unique cake from this local
Plus you can learn how to make drinks and desserts!
Aside from binge-watching K-dramas on streaming services, I always go to YouTube whenever I want to unwind after a long day at work. This platform has a variety of content that I'm totally obsessed with, like K-pop
You deserve it!
I'm a huge fan of rainbow-colored desserts. There's something about seeing ROYGBIV hues that uplift my mood. I remember asking for rainbow cupcakes for my 21st birthday because I felt that those happy colors perfectly described how
Because we know how much you love carbs.
To be completely honest, I don't think I can ever give up carbs from my diet. I *love* eating, rice, bread, pasta, and basically anything with a lot of sugar, lol. Don't get me wrong, I still make
So adorbs!
Hello! We're back at it again with more pretty cakes, and this time, we're going the more 3D route. As we were scrolling through Instagram, we spotted vintage-style cakes with the cutest and ~*chunkiest*~ frogs, bears, and
Yup, they're not just for decoration!
It's no secret that we've all been into ~*pretty*~ cakes during the quarantine. From Korean-inspired minimalist ones to the return of vintage-inspired cakes, not a day goes by that we don't see these quirky
Check out these beautiful sweet creations!
Those who are close to me know that I love cakes and I find flower bouquets lovely. So when I discovered this local bakeshop that sells beautiful floral cakes, I got excited. The flower icing design looks like a real floral garden!
Spoil yourself!
I've always been enchanted by the charm of old-fashioned frosted cakes. These sweet babies are decked in marshmallow icing and are artfully decorated the vintage way: Huge peaks, pastel hues, and cursive writing. Just like how the folks back
What a brewtiful time to be alive.
NGL, I'm a huge fan of milk tea but If I had to choose a second favorite drink, it would have to be coffee. I'm pretty sure a lot of you will agree when I say that it
They have Vizco's cakes and products from Good Shepherd and Mountain Maid.
Do you miss eating your favorite Baguio food? Old Baguio Café always offered all of the popular Baguio classics, pastries, and pasalubong items in their cozy space. Just in case you didn't know, Old Baguio Café is an existing café
Find out how it all started.
I've always been crazy about choco butternut doughnuts, so my heart jumped when I found out that a cake version exists! It's made by Cielle's Whisk, a home bakery based in Sampaloc, Manila. The Cielle'
M Bakery has *so many* holiday-themed desserts this year!
Ham. Morcon. Pancit. Lechon. Crispy Pata. These are just some dishes you'd normally find on the table during Noche Buena. And while fruit salad and buko salad are still two popular dessert choices for Christmas season, you can never have
Meet Lea Yosalina-Brito of Good Karma, a specialty bakeshop.
When the pandemic happened, a lot of industries were affected, especially travel and tourism. One of those whose careers had to take a backseat was Lea Yosalina-Brito. She is a licensed pilot, and she shared that being assigned flights is now
This is a cake worthy to be part of your Noche Buena spread.
Are you already planning ahead for Noche Buena? It's better to have a gameplan on what you'll make and which to order, dessert included. If a classic cake is on your Noche Buena dessert must-haves, Mary Grace
Every bite is worth the calories!
We're such big fans of chocolate cake here at that we take *every* opportunity to try one and let Cosmo Girls about it so you can try it yourself. Our current obsession is Theo & Brom's Gooey
Sue's Cake Gallery does customized cakes, too.
More being a way of fulfilling our sweet tooth, cakes are also a wonderful medium to play around with visual elements like color-and we spotted a cake on our feed that totally caught our eye. Dubbed the Rainbow Watercolor Cake (P880/