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Get Your Glow Back:'s Post-Breakup Beauty Guide

You've cried enough from heartache; now's the time to get over him and get gorgeous instead. Start by stocking up on our post-breakup beauty loot!

Let's face it: breakups are a bitch. Not only do you spend hours--days--curled up in bed crying your eyes out as you beat yourself up over what went wrong, you end up looking like a lifeless mess that no decent guy would touch with a 10-foot pole.

Love-scorned sisters, don't fret. We're here to help you conquer the ugliness that breakups bring with a fail-safe beauty guide that will officially usher you into the land of the living and whisk you straight into date-ville. Not only will you look better and have new guys scrambling to get to know you, you'll also feel better and be that much closer to moving on. rounds up the basic post-breakup beauty tips and products to help you hide those puffy eyes, zap that sunken skin, and reveal a stronger, more gorgeous you! And when you do see your ex again, he'll be the one beating himself up, wondering how he could've let a girl like you go.


A Fresh Face For A Fresh Start

Give your eyes a break from the nonstop bawl-fest and sleepless nights. Brighten those dark and sunken under-eyes by applying eye cream like New Peptin's Eye Contour Cream. Apply it every night, and you'll be thanking this magic cream for bringing the life back to your peepers. Want to look fresher during the day? Apply day cream on your face to keep your skin hydrated and supple.

Date-Ready Digits

Visit your favorite nail salon and go for a hand and foot spa to keep your hands and feet soft and smooth. Make your digits stand out by painting your nails in attractive, uplifting colors, like MAC's Nail Lacquer in Girl About Town. Who knows, you might be holding hands with someone new soon!

Lipstick Therapy

In times of distress--romance-related or otherwise--a tube of good lipstick is a girl's best friend. Take it from the late, great, and gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor, who once said, "Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together." Keep a lippy or two in your bag for an instant pucker picker-upper. Choose from the basic shades like nude, light orange, natural pink, and red from Etude House's Dear My Blooming Lips line.

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Flip-Worthy Locks

Your hair will need a fresh, new look. Get a haircut, try on a different hair color, or simply give your mane the nourishment it needs. Try Dove's Nourishing Oil Care Treatment Mask to help repair dry, damaged hair and prevent further damage. Once you've sorted our your tress situation, lock eyes with a cutie, flip your hair ever so slightly, and boom. You're back in the game, baby.

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