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7 Adorable Korean Celebrity Friendships We're Totally In Love With

These actors and idols are sooo precious!

Aside from onscreen chemistry and bonds, fans love to see Korean celebs interact with one another IRL. While friendships between celebrities aren't an unfamiliar concept, there are a handful of celebrity connections that fans would be surprised to know about. From bonds born out of starring together in dramas to adorable friendships between actors and idols, here are a few of the most precious K-celeb relationships:

1. Lee Dong Wook and Gong Yoo

The two Hallyu stars are best known for their incredible onscreen chemistry when they starred together in Goblin. Like many co-stars, Lee Dong Wook and Gong Yoo have also developed a close bond and continued to support each other even after the show.

When Lee Dong Wook hosted his first talk show in 2019, he invited over Gong Yoo to make an appearance as his first guest and even got to recreate their *iconic* scene from Goblin.

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2. Park Seo Joon and the Wooga Squad

One of the most notable celebrity friendships in the SK showbiz industry would probably be the Wooga Squad led by Park Seo Joon. The squad is basically the Hwarang gang plus other co-stars and friends of Park Seo Joon.

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Officially, the members are PSJ's Hwarang co-stars BTS' V and Park Hyung Sik, Parasite and Fight For My Way co-star Choi Woo Shik, as well as PSJ's musician friend Peakboy.

They would often hang out together and show support for each other's professional projects on their social media accounts.

3. Kim Go Eun and Jung Ryeo Won

The My Name Is Kim Sam Soon star has many notable celebrity friends, but not many may know of her friendship with Kim Go Eun. In 2019, the two went to Coachella together where they also showed support for fellow Chanel muse Jennie of BLACKPINK, who was part of last year's lineup of performers.

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4. IU and Kim Soo Hyun

IU and Kim Soo Hyun go way back. They starred in the 2011 drama Dream High and again in the 2015 drama The Producers. Kim Soo Hyun even made a notable cameo in IU's latest K-drama Hotel Del Luna and even visited the set.

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They also send each other food trucks as a way to show support for their individual projects.

5. Super Junior's Heechul and Girls' Generation's Taeyeon

Kim Heechul of Super Junior and Kim Taeyeon of Girls' Generation share a supportive bond with one another. Aside from being labelmates, they would often give each other emotional support as both are idols from popular K-pop groups.

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Heechul once gave Taeyeon a thoughtful real talk about the idol life which brought her to tears. Most recently, Heechul opened up to Taeyeon about going public with his relationship with TWICE's Momo.

6. Lee Min Ho and Woo Do Hwan

The King: Eternal Monarch co-stars are practically besties in the drama. If you're not busy getting kilig over Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun's chemistry, you'll probably be admiring the bromance between these two. But outside of the show, LMH and Woo Do Hwan have also developed a precious bond. 

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Just recently, the two posted about their adorable friendship on their own Instagram accounts, where Lee Min Ho showed support for Woo Do Hwan who is set to enlist for his mandatory military service in July 2020. 

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7. Yeo Jin Goo and BTS' Jungkook

Yeo Jin Goo was a popular child actor when he was young and most recently, he starred alongside IU in Hotel Del Luna. Not many may know of his friendship with BTS member Jungkook, but both are '97 liners (born in 1997), which is one of the reasons why they formed a bond. Jungkook once sent a food truck for Yeo Jin Goo when he was filming for Hotel del Luna.

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Yeo Jin Goo also sent one for Jungkook during a concert to show his support. So cute!


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