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The Best 'Nevertheless' Couples, Ranked

Here's the good, better, best, and worst. Which romance do you love most?
Nevertheless couples ranked

The Korean drama Nevertheless has not been the best show lately. Nevertheless, it has stirred so many tweets and conversations because of the realistic characters and dating styles these days. Which romance do you love most? Cosmo lists down the good, better, best, and worst below. We're curious if you agree.

The Best Nevertheless Couples, Ranked

Good: Bit-Hyun

Oh Bit Na and Nam Gyu Hyun are played by Yang Hyeji and Kim Min Gwi. They're like those friends who keep trying with or falling for the wrong people but end up realizing they're perfect for each other. Gyu Hyun wasn't a fan of dating around, while Bit Na was an avid user of matchmaking apps. But eventually, they couldn't help but give into their attraction for one another. And when they realize this, they don't waste time not admitting their real feelings (at least Gyu Hyun didn't). 

What makes them work is how they complement each other. The guy is brooding, mysterious, and conservative. Then, the girl is quite the opposite, so she poached Gyu Hyun to come out of his shell. Turns out, they're both quite possessive of each other, so their love line is very passionate. Unfortunately, we won't be seeing much of their story anymore after the actor's recent controversy. His remaining scenes will not be aired, so the actress might also get less screen time. In our imaginations, though, they'll end up being "The One" for each other and live happily ever after. 


Better: #TeamPotato

The Yang Do Hyeok (Chae Jong Hyeop)-Na Bi (Han So Hee) pair makes us think about the times—or people—that we wasted. Sinayang. Their moments together. Sweet and adorable Do Hyeok came back into Na Bi's life like a breath of fresh air. A true gentleman, he didn't let Na Bi just run off and get soaked in the rain when they bumped into each other in a bus. Even with his heavy bag of potatoes, he offered to walk with Na Bi and keep her under his umbrella. They got to reconnecting and eventually, Do Hyeok shows how he remembers details from their past like Na Bi's birthday. He even prepared seaweed soup (the customary birthday food in South Korea) and cake for her. And those were just a few of the many green lights. 

In one road trip, Do Hyeok showed his swoon-worthy manners again. He didn't take advantage of Na Bi. Instead, he made sure she was comfortable and chose to sleep outside the trailer. Later on, he actually confesses how Na Bi is his first love and he's straightforward about his intentions. Jae Eon (Song Kang) could never. The only reason they're ranked near the bottom of this list is because of Na Bi. The heart wants what it wants and in this story, it doesn't look like she wants Do Hyeok…or genuine happiness for that matter. Okay, we won't judge anymore. 

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Best: #SolJiwan Couple

Korean dramas are usually conservative. There's rarely a spotlight on the LGBTQ community. Nevertheless, Nevertheless proved different. It boldly tackled the theme with side characters, Yoon Sol (Lee Ho Jung) and Seo Ji Wan (Yoon Seo Ah). Their story resonated with a lot of netizens and became adored as much as the lead couple was hated. Whether you're a lesbian or not, you could relate to Sol's pining for her friend and waiting for the chance to admit your feelings even if you think it's a shot in the dark. And you're okay with unrequited love—just being in that person's life and keeping him or her happy is enough to make you happy, too. 

Of course, the way it portrayed a typical LGBTQ relationship was well-researched. That's why lots of netizens appreciated how vulnerable Sol was in her confession. Same goes for how Ji Wan might have not seen it coming but subconsciously knew she also liked Sol. The pair felt most content when they're together, and it was beautiful to see that highlighted with hints from the start of the series (not added as an afterthought). 


Worst: The Butterfly Couple 

Who knew the leads would get so many haters? (Or maybe the writers were evil geniuses who expected it and knew it would pull in viewers?) Whatever the case, I think a lot of us will all agree that Na Bi and Jae Eon are so bad for each other. From the pilot episode, we already saw how Jae Eon was a walking red flag with his player moves. Na Bi's also immature and probably insecure, which is why she was more like a moth drawn to a flame instead of a remarkable butterfly. 

In a twisted sense, you could say they're perfect for each other. They found each other during a time when both of them were really craving some landi. But will they last? Will they be each other's better half? Are they going to be a couple that will make you say, "Sana all." someday? Not likely. Nevertheless, Han So Hee and Song Kang's chemistry is a whole other story. 



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