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How Rich Is 'Crash Landing On You' Star Son Ye Jin?

The melodrama queen is also a real estate queen!
Son Ye Jin's net worth
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Long before the phenomenal success of the Netflix series Crash Landing On You, Son Ye Jin has already solidified her name in the Korean entertainment industry with a string of top-rating K-dramas and blockbuster movies. For two decades, she has worked *so* hard to get to where she is now—which means that with the many projects she's accomplished, the 38-year-old has probably earned a lot of $$$, right? Right! Look no further, we did some research on her assets, how she spends her hard-earned moolah, and what makes her one of the most sought after stars.

Son Ye Jin as a K-drama actress

Ye Jin made her K-drama debut in 2001 as Jang Hee Ae in MBC's Delicious Proposal. It was followed by other dramas like Great Ambition and Summer Scent. In 2006, she starred in SBS' Alone In Love and bagged the Best TV Actress trophy in the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards (the Korean entertainment industry's own Oscars, btw). According to reports, she earned 50 million won (around P2,200,000) per episode in that drama. If we're going to multiply that amount by 16 eps, she took home a total of 800 million won (around P35,400,900) in that year alone. Omo.

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We can only imagine how much Ye Jin's bank account has grown in the following years, especially since her latest drama, CLOY, was such a hit. In fact, it's the third highest-rating K-drama of all time! And you know what that means: More viewers lead to more advertisers. More advertisers = more money earned by the stars!

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Son Ye Jin as a blockbuster queen

Ye Jin is not only recognized for the K-dramas she's starred in but also for the Korean movies that she was part of. Did you know that she got her first Baeksang award as Best New Actress for her role in the 2003 film, The Classic? Soon after, she received more distinction from the esteemed award-giving body for her other films like My Wife Got Married and The Last Princess

In 2015, Ye Jin placed third in the Korean Film Council's list of Top Box Office Stars—proof that every movie she leads in is bound to be a success. Come 2018, Ye Jin was cast in Be With You alongside our OG oppa So Ji Sub, which gained one million moviegoers on its first week of release! In the same year, she appeared in The Negotiation (which also surpassed one million moviegoers in a week) with Hyun Bin, her first project with her new beau (ICYDK, the two are confirmed to be dating IRL!). Binnie only had the nicest things to say about her after that movie, and he actually wished to work with her again. Thanks to CLOY, they were able to meet once more and have their happily ever after. Kilig

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Son Ye Jin as an endorsement magnet

Brands line up to get Ye Jin to endorse their brands. Some of them include the jewelry brand Pandora, beauty brands such as Neuramis and Vanav, and the Korean fashion house Bride and You.

In 2011, she endorsed the Swiss luxury brand Piaget and according to Soompi, the specific collection that Ye Jin promoted was so expensive that "Piaget brought security [and] hired from a professional security guard company, as the entire collection brought was worth an estimated $3,000,000 (around P144,165,000)"! For her most recent endorsement, the actress was booked to be the model for one of Smart Communications' campaigns along with Hyun Bin.

With what she's raking in from K-dramas, movies, and endorsements, you're probably curious about Ye Jin’s net worth. Ready? Based on reports, her bank account now has around $20 million or P961,100,000. That's close to a billion pesos! Wow. Just wow.

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How does Son Ye Jin spend her money?

Ye Jin is one girl who knows where to put her money. Last year, it was said that she purchased a six-story building worth 16 billion won (around P708,460,000) in Gangnam, aka the fanciest area in Seoul and where the most affluent live. It was also reported that the real estate she owns earns $39,650 (around P1,900,000) a month for rental fees.

Another noteworthy Ye Jin investment is the $8.2 million-worth (around P394,000,000) building she bought in Mapo-gu in 2015, which is placed near a train station, meaning it gets high foot traffic. With its strategic location, she sold the property for $12 million (around P576,600,000) three years after, making almost $4 million (P192,200,000) in profit. What a smart move!

Apart from real estate, the actress also loves splurging on art pieces that serve as decoration for her own home. In an episode of Master Of The House, you can see some of the prized paintings on the wall as well as the chic designer furniture that she owns. Reports say that the furniture in her living room, kitchen, and dining room amounts to a total of...$185,000 (around P8,800,000). Guuurl!

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Ye Jin is one travel enthusiast and she loves exploring places around the world. She has visited countries like Hawaii, Italy, and the Philippines, to name a few. During one of her trips abroad (where she looks like she's having fun by the sea), she sported a gorgeous white dress that's priced lang naman at $1,083 (around P52,000)! If you're wondering how much her other Instagram OOTDs cost, we rounded them up for you right here

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With everything that she deservingly receives, Ye Jin doesn't forget to give back. During the peak of the coronavirus outbreak in her hometown, she made a generous donation worth $82,453 (around P3,960,000). “Daegu is my hometown, where I was born and raised, as well as the place where my parents live now. So it is a particularly special place for me, and the news of [the COVID-19 outbreak] in Daegu was especially heartbreaking for me," she said in an article by Soompi.

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Son Ye Jin's 20-year-old career is enough proof that she is the kind of actress who will shine for a long, long time. Her versatility in acting consistently receives rave reviews not just in South Korea but also in other countries because she can nail any role, in any genre—may it be melodrama, romcom, or action. In an interview, Ye Jin revealed that it wasn't easy to portray the character of a married woman, a woman who had an affair, and a divorcee in her 20s but she did all of these EFFORTLESSLY. That just shows how much she excels in her craft! How did she do this? She shared, “Acting is something that I do because I enjoy it. The reason why I keep acting anyway is because I thankfully still have passion for it.”

You know what they say—when you pursue what you love, everything else follows. We'll keep supporting you, queen!

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