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Cosmo Fitness Video: Pilates You Can Do At Home (Part 1)

Add variety to your workout by doing a little Pilates. In the first of our four easy-to-follow Pilates instructional videos, learn proper breathing and warm up.
Cosmo recently showed you basic exercises for warming up; strengthening and toning your legs, arms, abs; and cooling down or stretching--all of which you can do at home and could hopefully get you closer to the body shape you want. But if you want more variety, you may want to try doing Pilates, which helps tone and strengthen your waist, obliques, and buttocks, among others. The benefits of doing Pilates? Not only will you be more toned and flexible (which could be really useful in bed!), you can also have that small waist you've always wanted.

We got a Pilates instructor, Hazel Imperial, to teach you simple routines you can follow. She strongly recommends that you still try going to a regular Pilates class for proper guidance.

In the first of four Cosmo Pilates workout videos, learn proper Pilates breathing and warm up exercises.
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