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8 Park Gyu Young K-Dramas To Add To Your Must-Watch List

She’s got us hooked since 'It’s Okay to Not Be Okay'!
Park Gyu Young K-dramas

Actress Park Gyu Young is the rising actress to watch right now! We loved to hate her in the K-drama It’s Okay To Not Be Okay (more on that later!) and she’s slowly winning our hearts in The Devil Judge, but she’s got more roles in her arsenal that will have you hooked.

You might be surprised to realize you’ve actually seen her in other dramas you’ve watched before. Read on to learn more about Gyo Young’s past work! Which one is your favorite?

Early Projects

1. Solomon’s Perjury (2016-2017)

This is the first Park Gyu Young drama we watched, and it’s a doozy. It made both our minds and hearts hurt! When high school student Lee So Woo (Seo Young Joo) falls to his death, a fellow student says he was murdered, but the adults don’t pay attention. Tired of how no one is listening to them, the students stage their own trial at school in a bid to uncover the truth. Gyu Young plays popular girl Hye Rin, girlfriend of Woo Hyuk (Baek Chul Min), the main suspect for So Woo’s death.

2. Magic School (2017)

In this short web drama, Park Gyu Young plays Woo Ri, best friend of our lead guy, Na Ra (GOT7’s Jinyoung). Na Ra is in love with Woo Ri, and he decides to learn magic partly so that he can confess to her. Their scenes together are so sweet we have cavities! He discovers the joy of magic and making people happy along the way. The drama also stars more cute men: 2PM’s Nichkhun and Yoon Park.


3. The Third Charm (2018)

In this rom-com, opposites attract as neat and organized uni student Joon Young (Seo Kang Joon) goes on a blind date with the more adventurous assistant hair dresser Young Jae (Esom). Their poignant love story plays out in different timelines. Park Gyu Young plays Joon Young’s carefree younger sister, Ri Won. She attracts the attention of Sang Hyun (Lee Sang Yi), Joon Young’s best friend.

4. The Tale Of Nokdu (2019)

From rom-coms, we go to historical dramas. The Tale of Nokdu follows two half-brothers and their divergent paths during the Donghak Peasant Revolution. Illegitimate elder son Baek Yi Kang (Jo Jung Suk) acts tough but gets maltreated by his family. Legitimate younger son Baek Yi Hyun (Yoon Shi Yoon) doesn’t treat his brother differently, and the two share a beautiful bond. Things change during the revolution and they find themselves on opposite sides of the fence: Yi Hyun in the military and Yi Kang in the rebellion. Gyu Young plays the lovely Hwang Mung Shim, Yi Hyun’s betrothed from an arranged marriage. Mung Shim slowly falls in love with him, unaware that he will soon be drafted as a soldier.

5. Romance Is A Bonus Book (2019)

Dani (Lee Na Young) is at a loss after getting divorced from her cheating husband. Her childhood friend, Eun Ho (Lee Jong Suk), is a popular author and editor at a publishing company. She gets a job at the same workplace, and they learn to navigate the hardships of friendship, career, and love together. Gyu Young is a woman of many faces, and she shows us she can act spoiled and cute as Oh Ji Yool, mama’s girl and new member of the editorial team. We love her long lustrous curls, too! She has a cute love line with her co-worker, Hoon (Kang Ki Doong).

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Recent Projects

6. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay (2020)

This romance drama trended last year, even earning a spot on The New York Times’ list for “Best TV Shows of 2020.” It tells the story of caregiver Gang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) as he navigates his relationships with Moon Yeong (Seo Ye Ji), a children’s book author with antisocial personality disorder who falls for him, and Sang Tae (Oh Jung Se), his autistic older brother. Gyu Young sports short hair here as Ju Ri, Gang Tae’s co-worker at a psychiatric hospital. She harbors one-sided love towards Gang Tae and has bad history with Moon Yeong from when they were kids.

7. Sweet Home (2020)

If you love gore and horror, this one’s for you! Adapted from a webtoon, Sweet Home revolves around Cha Hyun Soo (Song Kang), a high school student who just moved in to a new apartment building after his family’s death. The apocalypse occurs, and he’s stuck with the residents, trying to survive encounters with monsters out to get humans. Gyu Young plays tough chick Ji Soo, a bassist who adapts to apocalypse life by lugging a baseball bat around the building. She has a curious love line with Jae Heon (Kim Nam Hee), a teacher and Christian, whose weapon of choice is a sword. Gyu Young got nominated for Best New Actress at the 57th Baeksang Art Awards for her acting.


8. The Devil Judge (2021)

In this currently airing drama, there’s a new law and order in place in dystopian South Korea. Mysterious judge Kang Yo Han (Ji Sung) condemns criminals through trials aired on live television. Assistant judge Kang Ga On (GOT7’s Park Jinyoung) watches him with suspicion. Gyu Young reunites with Jinyoung in her role as police lieutenant Yoon Soo Hyun, a woman dedicated to discovering the truth about Yo Han and Ga On’s childhood friend. Gyu Young seems to have a knack for picking roles centered on unrequited love because Soo Hyun has a crush on Ga On and has confessed to him in the past.



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