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OMG, You Need To Stock Up On This P165 *Self-Heating* Instant Rice Meal

Give your rice cooker a break for now.
self-heating rice meal

As someone who is *obsessed* with food, most of my favorite dishes fall under Italian and Japanese cuisine. TBH, I will never get tired of eating pizza, pasta, sashimi, and ramen. But I gotta admit: As a Pinay, nothing beats a good old rice meal—especially when it's your favorite ulam

Let's be real, though: Cooking rice isn't always easy. It definitely takes time, and you gotta make sure you've got the correct water to rice ratio down pat. If like me, you sometimes share the same struggle, here's one thing you should try: self-heating rice bowls or hot pot meals. Check it out.

self-heating rice meal

Self-heating rice meal: How does it work?

  1. Combine the rice, viand, and water packet into the small bowl.
  2. In the big bowl, place the heating pad and pour in room temperature water.
  3. Grab the small bowl and place it directly above the big bowl. Cover everything with the lid.
  4. Set the bowl aside and wait for about 15 minutes.
  5. Once there's steam coming out from the bowl, that's your sign that the meal is already cooked.
  6. Finish off with some sauce on top, mix everything, and serve. Enjoy! 

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Self-heating rice meal: Features

With this self-heating rice meal, you can enjoy a bowl of rice with ulam anytime and anywhere. The best part? All you need is room temperature water. The rest of the ingredients you'll use are already included in the pack. You don't even need to bring out any kitchen appliance! Have fun trying its twelve different variants:

  • Shredded pork
  • Chicken and mushroom
  • Shichuan sausage
  • Curry beef
  • Mushroom beef
  • Pork with vegetables
  • Twice-cooked pork chop
  • White pepper beef
  • Mushroom scallop
  • Premium beef
  • Cantonese sausage
  • Sour spicy noodles
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Self-heating rice meal: Price and where to buy

Depending on which ulam you choose, the price for each self-heating rice meal is between P65 to P165. You can order them from the 7dphilippines store on Shopee. One bowl weighs 170 grams in total and has a shelf life of 270 days.

self-heating rice meal, six different variants



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