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10 K-Dramas With Plot Twists That Will Truly *Shock* You

Love surprises? You'll love these shows!
K-dramas with the best storyline
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Warning: Minor spoilers ahead.

If you're tired of the usual K-drama themes (horror, comedy, or romance!), we're here to give you a list of series with major plot twists that left us so shocked, they still live in our minds rent-free.

Here's a list of K-dramas with unforgettable plot twists on Netflix, Viu, and YouTube: 

1. Vincenzo (2021)

Who's in it: Song Joong KiJeon Yeo BinOk TaecyeonKwak Dong Yeon

Where you can watch it: Netflix

The short plot: In his hunt for hidden gold, a mafia consigliere slowly shifts his focus and begins to seek justice for innocent victims. 

The plot twist hint: After 10 episodes, we're still not sure who the *real* villain is. Grabe, SO. MANY. SUSPICIOUS. CHARACTERS.  

2. The Penthouse (2020)

Who's in it: Eugene, Kim So Yeon, Lee Ji Ah

Where you can watch it: Viu

The short plot: For the sake of their children, the wealthy families from Hera Place are willing to do *anything* to fulfill their goals.


The plot twist hint: Tbh, there are too many to mention! But to describe one of them: May mga nawawala, may mga bumabalik.

3.  It's Okay, That's Love (2014)

Who’s in it: Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, EXO's D.O., Lee Sung Kyung, Lee Kwang Soo

Where you can watch it: Netflix and Viu

The short plot: A bestselling author named Jang Jae Yeol develops obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) after a traumatic event from his childhood.

The plot twist hint: Jae Yeol carries another heavy burden aside from OCD. Keep your eyes peeled for Jae Yeol's running scene.

4.  Sky Castle (2018)

Who’s in it: Yum Jung Ah, Lee Tae Ran, Yoon Se Ah, Oh Nara, Kim Seo Hyung, Kim Hye Yoon, Park Yoo Na, Jo Byeong Gyu, Kim Dong Hee, SF9's Chani

Where you can watch it: Netflix and Viu

The short plot: Sky Castle is a controversial portrayal of how South Korean parents are obsessed IRL when it comes to their children's education.

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The plot twist hint: The backstories of the main characters...are something else.

5.  Prison Playbook (2017)

Who’s in it: Park Hae SooJung Kyung Ho, Krystal JungJung Hae In

Where you can watch it: Netflix and Viu

The short plot: In an attempt to save her sister from a sexual predator, a famous baseball player ends up in prison.

The plot twist hint: Just when you thought it's going to be a happy ending because the prisoners have already changed their ways, Prison Playbook throws us a curveball.

6.  Memories Of Bali (2004)

Who’s in it: Jo In Sung, Ha Ji Won, So Ji Sub, Park Ye Jin

Where you can watch it: YouTube

The short plot: After meeting in Bali, Indonesia, four individuals found themselves tangled in each other's love lives, which caused their downfall.

The plot twist hint: The ending will leave you so scarred that you will remember this Koreanovela because of the ~emotional damage~ you'll experience.


7. A World Of Married Couple (2020)

Who’s in it: Kim Hee Ae, Park Hae Joon, Han So Hee

Where you can watch it: Netflix and Viu

The short plot: Probably the most stressful K-drama on earth about love affairs, don't forget to check your blood pressure after watching episodes of A World Of Married Couple.

The plot twist hint: This series is a great reminder for all of us that we should be very, very careful about who we trust.

8. Flower Of Evil (2020)

Who’s in it: Lee Joon Gi, Moon Chae Won

Where you can watch it: Netflix and Viu

The short plot: A homicide detective finds out that her husband hides deep, dark secrets.

The plot twist hint: Too many to mention—we swear, this drama is one of the best ones you'll ever watch.

9. 49 Days (2011)

Who’s in it: Nam Gyu Ri, Lee Ye Won, Jo Hyun Jae, Jung Il Woo


Where you can watch it: Viu

The short plot: 49 Days shows us the story of Shin Ji Hyun, who was caught in an accident that led to the separation of her body and soul. To get a second chance in life, she has to collect sincere three tears from her loved ones in a span of 49 days.

The plot twist hint: Prepare your tissues, guys—she was able to collect the tears but life had other plans for her.

10. Extracurricular (2020)

Who’s in it: Kim Dong Hee, Park Ju Hyun, Jung Da Bin, Nam Yoon Soo

Where you can watch it: Netflix

The short plot: For others, high school is a memorable part of life. But for a bunch of students who have engaged in *extracurricular* activities, their high school days are sure far from the usual.

The plot twist hint: Extracurricular offers new plot twists (think: brutal) in every episode that will make your heart beat sooooo fast. 



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