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8 K-Dramas About Friends Who Fell In Love With Each Other That Will Make You Kilig

Relatable dramas only!
K-dramas about friends turned lovers

I'm a sucker for slice-of-life K-dramas. But also, I wouldn't say no to Korean series that will give me all the ~feels~. Nothing too sappy or cringey—I love a drama with a love story that's totally relatable and realistic. (Like those about falling in love with your childhood crush!) You'll definitely catch me watching shows like that until 2 a.m., with matching kicking-my-feet-in-the-air-because-of-kilig, LOL.

Here, let me share with you my list of romantic K-dramas on Netflix and Viu that are about friends-turned-lovers, that will make you say "Sana all":

1. Reply 1988 (2020)

Who’s in it: Lee Hyeri, Park Bo Gum, Ryu Jun Yeol, Go Kyung Pyo, Lee Dong Hwi

Where you can watch it: Netflix and Viu

The short plot: Five friends who grew up together in the same neighborhood make the best memories during their youth. 

What it will remind you of: Your cute childhood kapitbahayi! Remember when you would secretly look out your window whenever he passed by your house? Or how you would volunteer to go over to their place kapag nagpapabigay ng food ang mama mo sa kanilaUy, may naalala siya!


2. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (2016)

Who’s in it: Lee Sung Kyung, Nam Joo Hyuk, Lee Joo Young

Where you can watch it: Netflix and Viu

The short plot: A coming-of-age K-drama centered around sports, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is about a college student-athlete who is willing to do anything for her weightlifting dreams.

What it will remind you of: That one college friend who kept teasing you but was actually secretly in love with you pala

3. Fight For My Way (2018)

Who’s in it: Park Seo JoonKim Ji Won

Where you can watch it: Netflix, Viu

The short plot: Four childhood BFFs try their best to learn #howtoadult. They try their best to fulfill their hopes and dreams together after practically raising each other since they were kids.

What it will remind you of: Do you have that friend that you can totally be yourself with? As in walang hiya-hiya? But later on, you realize that you've started to develop feelings for that person because suddenly, it takes you longer to dress-up when you're going to meet door? Siya 'yun!

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4. School 2017 (2017)

Who’s in it: Kim Sejeong, Kim Junghyun

Where you can watch it: Netflix, Viu

The short plot: School 2017 is the seventh chapter in the School series and is set in high school.

What it will remind you of: UnlikeWeightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, this K-drama will make you reminisce about your guy friend whom you also loved poking fun at (and making pa-cute with)!

5. Hospital Playlist (2020)

Who’s in it: Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, Kim Dae Myung, Jeon Mi Do

Where you can watch it: Netflix

The short plot: Wonder what really happens in the daily lives of doctors? Hospital Playlist answers this. The show introduces us to doctors who are not only college friends-turned-workmates, but are actually also bandmates! Season one ended with *potential* love stories that we're totally keeping tabs on. Can't wait for the sequel!


What it will remind you of: That workmate who is always so caring! He's the type who will wait for your text message to know if you're already home before he sleeps.

6. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017)

Who’s in it: Park Bo YoungPark Hyung SikJi Soo

Where you can watch it: Netflix, Viu

The short plot: Do Bong Soon is *blessed* with extraordinary strength that she uses to her advantage—like being a bodyguard to a (super cute) gaming company CEO!

What it will remind you of: A friend you once liked at the wrong time. In short, ipinagtagpo pero hindi itinadhana. Ouch. 

7. Reply 1997 (2017)

Who’s in it: Jung Eun Ji, Seo In Guk, Hoya, Shin So Yul, Eun Ji Won, Lee Si Eon

Where you can watch it: Netflix

The short plot: As the first installment in the Reply franchise, this K-drama represents all the fangirls in the world and how devoted they are to their favorites.


What it will remind you of: Your one true love! He's your childhood BFF whom you eventually married, aka the ultimate #SanaAll. Congratulations!

8. Romance Is A Bonus Book (2019)

Who’s in it: Lee Jong Suk, Lee Na Young

Where you can watch it: Netflix

The short plot: Do you work in the publishing industry? Then you will love Romance Is A Bonus Book! More than books, this K-drama also shows us that second chances in life are always possible.

What it will remind you of: A friend you have lost constant communication with but remains to be by your side. When you meet each other again after a low point in your life, he helps you get back on your feet know what's next.

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