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Blink Or You’ll Miss Them: 18 Korean Actors Who’ve Appeared In K-Pop Music Videos

Some of these MVs have storylines similar to K-dramas!
Korean actors who've starred in K-pop music videos

When they're not showcasing their superb acting skills in K-dramas or movies, you can see Korean actors do their ~thing~ in K-pop music videos. IDK about you, but I still get *surprised* from time to time whenever I spot one of my 99+ oppas or K-drama queens in these clips!

Here are some Korean actors who've appeared in K-pop music videos:

1. Song Joong Ki in "Men Are All Like That" by Kim Jong Kook

Fun fact: Lee Kwang Soo revealed that he was invited to the set of this MV and he initially thought that he'll star as the protagonist. It turns out,  Kim Jong Kook asked him to come because he thought Song Joong Ki will get bored during filming, LOL! 

Joong Ki also recently appeared in Heize's "HAPPEN" music video, and he shared that he's a fan of her music.

2. Han So Hee in "Tell Me What To Do" by SHINee

Fun fact: Before she made her K-drama debut, Han So Hee's first on-screen appearance is in the video of this SHINee bop.


She was also the female lead in Jung Yong Hwa's "That Girl"!

3. Lee Min Ho in "KISS" by Sandara Park

Fun fact: Lee Min Ho and Sandara Park kissed not just once, twice, or thrice—but 50 times (you read that right) in this MV! Also, if you look closely, you'll see a bb Kim Woo Bin.

4. Seo Ye Ji in "Let's Not Fall In Love" by BIGBANG

Fun fact: Seo Ye Ji mentioned in an Arirang interview that she and G-Dragon filmed their scenes without saying a single word to each other because they're "both very shy around strangers."

5. Choi Woo Shik in "Congratulations" by DAY6

Fun fact: Choi Woo Shik used to be under JYP, the entertainment agency that handles DAY6. He is now managed by Management SOOP.

Apart from "Congratulations," the Parasite actor also appeared in another heartbreaking DAY6 MV titled "You're Beautiful." *wipes tears*

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6. Park Min Young in "Haru Haru" by BIGBANG

Fun fact: Park Min Young acted as G-Dragon's girlfriend in the group's breakout song, "Haru Haru" (English trans: "Day By Day"), which was actually released on 08.08.08! *gasps*

7. Park Seo Joon in "I Remember" by Bang Yong Guk

Fun fact: Our ultimate oppa Park Seo Joon kickstarted his career in this MV and he was only 23 years old at that time!

PSJ played another lover in Kim Ji Soo's "Dream All Day," and the clip looks like it came straight out of a K-drama:

8. Park Bo Young in "Fiction" by B2ST

Fun fact: This is the second-generation K-pop group's first MV to reach 100 million views on YouTube! 

Park Bo Young also showed her acting chops in SPEED's "It's Over," where she was paired with Ji Chang Wook.

9. Ji Chang Wook  in "Cry Cry" by T-Ara

Fun fact: "Cry Cry" is not your usual music videoit's 15-minutes long and has a movie-like plot.


It looks like Chang Wook is a T-Ara favorite (along with Cha Seung Won) because he also made a cameo in "Lovey Dovey"!

Aaaand on top of that, he portrayed the protagonist in K.Will's "I Need You"! Yeo Jin Goo played his younger version in the MV.

10. Yoon Eun Hye  in "Tik Tok" by 2PM

Fun fact: "Tik Tok" by 2PM also endorsed the same beer brand, Cass, just like Sandara Park's "KISS."

11. Yoo Yeon Seok  in "One Way Love" by Hyolyn

Fun fact: Hyolyn said in an event that Yoo Yeon Seok is "such a good actor and was so good at getting into focus," and it was fun filming the MV with him!

Last year, Yeon Seok was featured in Kyuhyun's "Daystar." They met in the musical Werther and after that, the Super Junior member asked him to star in his MV. To add, Kyuhyun sang an OST for Yeon Seok's drama, Hospital Playlist!


12. Kim Yoo Jung  in "Gone" by JIN

Fun fact: This melancholic music video shows Kim Yoo Jung as a blind girl. She was paired with EXO's Xiumin, who was cast as a wealthy guy with a life-threatening illness. *sniffs*

In 2012, Yoo Jung made an appearance in Lee Seung Gi's "Return":

Come 2015, she became a protagonist again in the video of "7E77 ME B43Y" by Seulong:

Our talented actress is truly an MV queen because she was also featured in Kim Jae Hwan's "Begin Again", which was released in 2019!

13.  Ju Ji Hoon in "Fxxk U" by Gain

Fun fact: Did you know that Ju Ji Hoon and Gain were a couple in real life? Their relationship was confirmed in 2014 (the year "Fxxk U" was released) but they broke up in 2017.

14.  Kim Seon Ho in "Reason" by Epitone Project

Fun fact: Aside from starring in the video, Kim Seon Ho co-wrote the lyrics for "Reason." This is an ode to his fans, Seonhohadas, who are his ~reason.~ Awww!


Prior to "Reason," our #GoodBoy made a special appearance in Epitone Project's "Sleepless."

14.  Lee Jong Suk in "I Don't Care" by 2NE1

Fun fact: *Everyone* was shocked when they discovered that Lee Jong Suk made a ~lowkey~ cameo in this iconic 2NE1 song, three years after it was uploaded onYouTube!

In Chi Chi's "Don't Play Around," Sukkie's adorable MV appearance was easier to notice:

He took the male lead role as well in  "Love Is" by DAVICHI. The duo shared during a radio show that Jong Suk accepted their casting request the moment he heard the song!

15. Lee Je Hoon in "With You" by Crush

Fun fact: Move To Heaven actor Lee Je Hoon made a cameo in Crush's time-bending MV for "With You" in 2019. If you spotted another familiar face, that's Itaewon ClassLee Joo Young, aka Ma Hyun Yi!

16. Lee Sung Kyung in "Love" by Loco

Fun fact: "Love" is not just a video that Lee Sung Kyung appeared in—this is actually a collab track with Loco where you can witness her singing skills! The two sparked relationship rumors before the video was uploaded after netizens noticed the identical backgrounds on their IG posts.


In 2017, Lee Sung Kyung was paired with Choi Tae Joon in Urban Zakapa's "When We Were Two."

17. Kim So Hyun in "I YAH" by Boyfriend

Fun fact: Starship Entertainment, the agency of K-pop group Boyfriendpraised Kim So Hyun's stunning appeal in the MV: "This is Boyfriend’s "I YAH" music video shooting set! Female lead Kim So Hyun looks dazzling in the school uniform. It’s amazing that this picture is not photoshopped?”.

So Hyun also starred in TOUCH's "Let's Walk Together":

18. Kang Ha Neul in "Lost One" by Epik High

Fun fact: Some scenes in this music video are from Kang Ha Neul's thriller movie, Forgotten (which you should watch on Netflix, btw)! 

Who are the other Korean actors you've seen on K-pop music videos? Let us know in the comments!


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